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True to You - A Montana Heat Novel

As a reader I greatly enjoy the way the author, Jennifer Ryan pens a story. The stories themselves are always packed full of heart racing suspense, sizzling romance and of course memorable characters. With that being written, “True to You,”...


The Duke's Daughters - Lady Be Reckless

“Lady Be Reckless,” was a title that was certainly in my top ten books to read this year. Sadly, the book did live up to all of my anticipation and yet I still found myself enjoying this story overall. I love the way that the author Megan F...

4 Stars

Wallflower Most Wanted - Studies in Scandal, #3

“Wallflower Most Wanted,” is a pleasant read that I found to be engaging as a historical fiction novel but certainly not as a romance. Sadly, I found the romance to be dull and somewhat borish without any exciting moments happening to keep...


The Duke of Her Desire - Diamonds in the Rough

“The Duke of Her Desire,” is one of the best historical romances that I have ever read. I am so happy regarding this novel that I just wanted to shout out that this is the romance that I have waited all year to arrive. The romance is my fav...


Every Dog Has His Day - A Bluff Point Romance

Author Jenn McKinlay's "Bluff Point," series has been a string of books that I have highly enjoyed, until now. "Every Dog Has His Day," was not my kind of book and for a number of reasons. The most important reasoning is I felt like the plo...


Secrets at Seaside - Sweet with Heat: Seaside Secrets

I will confess that I am growing tired of the constant plots repeating within contemporary romances by authors. “Secrets at Seaside,” is yet another example of a failed second chance romance attempt that just did not have the proper foundat...

3 Stars

How to Woo a Wallflower - Romancing the Rules

As much as I adore a novel written by the author, Christy Carlyle, I was downhearted to have uncovered that the plot of this story was not at all what I was hoping for. The plot was interesting, however, the overall foundation of the plot b...