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Hell of a Ride - Elsewhere, #1

I must confess to an error. I did not catch that this was part of a series, and found that jumping into the middle of a story already in progress didn't work too well. This book is put down as the first in a series, but from where it starts...


Take Me Home Tonight - A Rock Star Romance, #3

I really enjoyed this story. Music, food, strong characters and a variation on “the girl’s got issues” theme caught my attention quickly. I laughed out loud in places, teared up in others, and generally rooted for the characters to get toge...

4 Stars

The Wilds - The Wilds, #1

I was caught up by the story's ability to unfold in such a way that what you thought might happen didn't always happen the way you envisioned. The story's premise is unique and offered a well-constructed world in which the characters could...

4 Stars

Red Hourglass - Hourglass, #1

I came to this book with no set expectations. I was caught by the cover art and wanted to see what was inside. The first chapter, well, the prologue, further piqued my curiosity and I kept reading. I must admit that I came to the end of the...

3 Stars