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A Bite's Tale - A Furry Fable

Two childhood friends, who never knew each others name, developed a relationship they never thought could be tested. At least until "Jack's" Cinderella turned into a werewolf and attacked him, forcing her to flee back to the United States....


The Best Horror of the Year Volume 4

The Best Horror of the Year Volume 4 has 18 Stories with its most notable authors being Stephen King and Peter Straub. Its hard to look so forward to reading a book to have it turn out this dull. When I saw "Best Horror" I thought that it w...

3 Stars

Philadelphia Story - A Lance Carter Detective Novel, #1

If you've lost it, Detective Lance Carter is your man to find it. If you want to know if your spouse is cheating, he'll find out for you. Lance Carter is good at what he does. When an unknown female calls but says very little before hanging...


Deadly Farce - An Avalon Mystery

Who do movie stars turn to when the need protection? Well generally they turn to a professional highly trained, body guard to protect their backsides. Lorraine Keys is a bodyguard, but she’s never protected an A-Lister before. Now is her ti...

5 Stars

The Detention Demon

Gumby just couldn't pay attention to where he was going and because of him, Wayne got in a fight with the school bully Bubba. Fights get you sent to detention and detentions at Conrad Junior High School mean only one thing. You won’t be com...


Everspell - Spellbound series, #2

Everspell is the second book in the Spellbound series and gives readers a return to the lives of Logan and Serena. The two have grown up a bit more and Logan has moved out and into his new apartment. Serena is returning to school, but how g...


Panty Raid at Zombie High

Tinfoil Tennessee is just about as unremarkable as its name, but it does have one claim to fame. It is home to Zombie High, a super secure holding facility for zombies. When Molly disappears, Toby and Spud are positive she is at Zombie High...

4 Stars

Spellbound - Spellbound series, #1

Logan is an average guy, somewhat sheltered, but he knows what he wants in love and life and just hasn’t found it. It’s funny how life can change your views without any notice. From the moment Logan sees Serena, he knows there is something...

  • Author: Samantha Combs
  • Review by: Inkeddreams
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Fantasy, Supernatural, * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * Young Adult
  • Publisher: Astraea Press, LLC

Braving the Titanic - A Tossed through Time Adventure, #1

In 1912, the RMS Titanic set off on a journey that would only be completed at the bottom of the ocean. Kade West knows the story and will do anything he has to do to see the Titanic exhibit at a local museum, even if that means being part o...



Being a teenager is never easy. Being a teenager forever and having to save the world from vampire infestations is infinitely harder. Lily Fielding happens to know this first hand. After being attacked by vampires, she is inducted into the...

5 Stars

This Side of Dead

Cecilia Denton (or C.C. for short) begins a three day weekend with a proposal from her boyfriend Brad to be his engaged to be engaged sort of fiance. Every girls dream right? For C.C. it is. Well almost. Regardless, she is willing to take i...


Eve Eden vs. the Zombie Horde - Bedeviled, #1

Twin Forrest has its secrets and apparently they are so well kept that even one of its very own, Eve Eden, is clueless about what goes on. There has always been something odd about Eve, but if her friends, family, enemies, and even she thou...


Ushers, Inc.

Vampires, werewolves, and Zombies have always been at the top of the proverbial B-movie food chain so to speak, but in Ushers, Inc. a group of teenagers give Hells finest a reason to be afraid of the dark. Abby, Zach, Tracy, and Cliff go to...