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Deep Indigo - The Orion Series Book 4

Deep Indigo is the fourth installation of Cathryn Cade Orion series. We are once again acquainted with Daron Navos, the commander; and introduced to Nelah Cobalt, his new intern. Daron and Nelah are both Indiogon intuit with powers that can...

4 Stars

Prince of Dragons - The Orion Series Book 3

Cathryn Cade has another masterpiece in her third installation of the Orion series, the Prince of Dragons. Sirena Blaze lives by her own rules when it comes to men. She’s a Serpentian with a highly active sexual lifestyle. She beds who she...

4 Stars

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bryght - The Orion, Book 1

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright is a semi-short read, a little over 100 pages. It’s set in the distant future with the perfect setting for erotic futuristic fiction. Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh mine! The hero Tyron’s half man and half beast,...

4 Stars
  • Author: CJ Cade
  • Review by: Chinama
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, #FirstInaSeries, * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Windtree Press

His Obsession - The Owners, #2

Sam Crescent is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. In her book “His Obsession”, the latest installment of “The Owners” series, we are introduced to Stephen Knox and Ursula. And of course Stephen is rich and an expert when it comes...


Taken by the Greek Billionaire - Criminal Seduction, 1

Taken by the Greek Billionaire, written by Emma Short, has all the makings of an erotic book. For the most part, it was an enjoyable book to read. There was a lot of repetition within the writing, and for some words a thesaurus was definite...


Scarred Beauty - Imperfection, 1

Scarred Beauty which is the first in Sam Crescent, Imperfection series, leads the reader on roller coaster ride of an array of emotions. The characters are well – written. From the start, the readers are left rooting for the emotionally dis...


Taken by the Sheikh

Kris Pearson starts Taken by the Sheikh off at a fast pace. The pacing and story easily grab the reader’s attention. She brings the story to light by using descriptive words that paint a picture of the characters. I usually go for shorter r...


Wicked Werewolf Night - Alluring Tales: Night Moves / Werewolf Society

We were first introduced to Nico, the werewolf, and Aylia, the witch in the Warden series; and even though we get a glimpse of these two, Lisa Renee Jones, leaves us wondering on the true nature of Nico’s and Aylia’s relationship. In the pa...

4 Stars

Snatch Me

With the recent death of Jolie’s father, Jolie finds herself in a state of limbo. As her money dwindles down, she struggles to keep his repair store open in honor of him. Enter Mack, a mysterious handsome male who is on the prowl for Jolie,...

3 Stars

Were Fever - Were Legends

The author’s play on words gave the main characters a solid background. Alaura is a victim attempting to take back her life, and at times we get a brief glimpse of how fragile she truly is. As stated previously, this was a quick real; but t...



This was a speedy read, but well worth it. The author gives enough sensory details on the main characters for a solid background about their present dilemma. There’s Amie, the scorned female, David, the cheater, and Jay, the rescuer who doe...


Strangers No More - Skin Deep, Book Two

When it comes to News broadcasting, Whitney is a pro, but the world only hears her voice; they never see her image. Within the confinement of her cubical, Whitney hides her face from the world. Then there’s Jay, Whitney’s, BFF, he’s drop de...


The Vampire Wardens - The Collection

The job of the Warden is to maintain and enforce the Vampire Council rules. Warden is a trilogy that pit brothers, Evan, Aidan, and Troy against a coalition of malicious vampires and wares; but as each brother fights for mankind, they disco...

4 Stars

Trust in Me

“Trust In Me” is the sequel to “Keep Me Safe”, and if you are into dubious consent, explicit brutality and sex, then this read is quite interesting. Mia is the conflicted heroine in this story, and even though she considers herself a ‘whore...


Dance for Your Sex

Clay Bower is a walking sex machine. He’s the love em’ and leave em’ type… no strings attached; he enjoys sex and he is not ashamed to admit it. Crying, clinging females are not his cup of tea. Amanda Fellinger, sweet and plain, and not at...

4 Stars

Mixing Business With Pleasure

If you’re looking for a quick erotic read, with less than 35 pages, then this is the book for you. Sonia Brooks and Evan Fitz work for Golwyn Marketing and Advertising Agency; they are paired together to come up with an ad for X-tasy Condom...

3 Stars