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The Fundamental Theory of Us

About the Story: Andrew’s future was with the marines, or so he planned. But losing a leg from an IUD changed everything. Now he’s failing his fundamentals class and must get help from fellow student and off-campus neighbor Sawyer. But her...


Hott 'n Handy - Romance on the Go

About the Story: Shelby had everything, she was America’s TV darling; until it all came crashing down. Unable to stay in New York, she buys a rundown house in West Virginia and runs away to lick her wounds and figure out what to do next. Fr...


Rekindling Their Faith - Shifter Unit Book 1

About the Story: Faith has been in love with Jensen and Chance for years. Now Jensen is coming back from the military for good and it’s time the two of them finally claim Faith as their mate. But with Chance and Faith being outcasts in the...


Oblige - Terran Times Second Wave, #26

The Story: Lilia has liked working for the Zel family but when they are summoned to participate in an ancient ritual, she must step in, for the only clan member who is eligible winds up pregnant right before. Lilia steps up to the challenge...

4 Stars

Hard to Fight - Tales of the Citadel Book 51

The Story: Brenn has spent her life being quiet and avoiding the attention of her psychopathic emperor of a father. He keeps her close and endangers anyone who gets near to her. When an opportunity to use her talent for architecture arises,...

4 Stars

Devil May Care - The Grizzly MC Book 12

ABOUT THE STORY: Jakob is drowning in a sea of loneliness and darkness and the only way to feel is through underground fights. Saya is instantly drawn to him after seeing him fight with bare knuckles. He’s always angry with the world but sh...

3 Stars

Hazel and the Alien Biker - Intergalactic Brides 5

Quick Synopsis: When Reyvor lost his mate, he was kicked off of his home world. Now he spends his time on Earth riding around on his motorcycle, lost. But when he sees Hazel and her three daughters trying to find food in the dumpster behind...


Jacie and The Alien Bodyguard - Intergalactic Brides 6

Quick Synopsis: When Jacki ends up pregnant from a quick romance with Myro, she immediately gets on the ship to be taken to his home world. What she doesn’t know is that Myro is not going to be there when she lands. He’s already taken anoth...


Twin Haven

About the Story: After waking up in the hospital and learning that her husband has died, Rylee doesn’t think that her life will ever be filled with love or happiness again. With the help of her friends though, she becomes stronger and when...

4 Stars

Goldie Locks and the Three Brothers Bear - The Amare Tales Book 2

About the Story: When Goldie walks into her room to find a man sleeping in her bed, she calls the cops, and makes the news. Queue in Hayden, a news reporter of the highest esteem (sort of!), he is off to be the first one to report on Ms. Go...


Billionaire Husband

About the Story: Shaun and Addison have been married for three years, yet there is no love or passion in their lives. They meet up once a month in order to have sex to produce a child wanted by their families. After months alone in a cold h...

5 Stars

Pride - Pride Brothers, #6

About the Story: Prince Dallin and his lover, Stryker are sent to another dimension to save the life of a Spellweaver, Lailii, from the evil grasp of a demon. What they didn’t count on was that Lailii would turn out to be so breathtaking, o...


SEALed Embrace - SEALed with a Kiss, #1

Isi is the odd woman out in her pack. When she never shifted she became ostracized from her pack. When she is kidnapped she knows that no one will come for her and accepts death as her fate. But then Garren barges in to rescue her. A team l...


Her One and Only Dom

For graduation Simone got three things: her degree, her virginity still intact, and a big case of unrequited love towards her professor, Patrick. When the two meet at a BDSM club several months later, she's no longer the student and what fo...


So Wrong It's Good

20 year old Lake has only ever been with one guy, but her ex-military step brother, Reese, makes her feels things she's never felt before. Reese's recent marriage was over before it even began. But going through a divorce opens his eyes to...


Sating the Lust God

Synopsis: The Great Chand, god of Lust and ruler of Fertility and Death comes to earth once a year for a hedonistic week of sex with a chosen woman. He possesses Kabir each year to have this freedom but this year is different. Chand is scar...

4 Stars

Little Sophie and the Professor - a BDSM ageplay romance

Synopsis: Sophie is a college student that looks much younger than her 24 years. She catches the eye of her one professor, Jack Drummond and together they explore a unique relationship. Jack enjoys dominating but he also enjoys age play and...


Wild and Tender Care

Synopsis: What happens when two society outcasts come together? Chemistry. When the town of Big Rock, Colorado has decided to change its wild ways. With this change comes the removal of the whore house and all those who worked there, except...


Emperor's Desire

Overview: Wanting to help provide for her mother and six siblings, Vida decides to interview for the role of Mother Heir for Emperor Zavier, an Aspectian shapeshifter. Unbeknownst to Vida, Zavier has seen her dance in her village and has lu...

4 Stars

Holly's Healing

Synopsis: After a terrible accident takes away everything Holly worked hard for (a good paying job, great friends, a new car and a house) Holly is left with scars that aren’t just physical. Alone during the holiday season, she is pushed to...

  • Author: Ellen Cross
  • Review by: Bookfreak
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: Seasonal / Holiday, * Under 45k Words, * Contemporary, * SPICY: HOT Romance, * SPICY: Multiple Partners, Diverse Books
  • Publisher: eXtasy Books Inc

Purple Prose

What happens when a writer hits writers block and feels as if her muse has left her? Why, a muse shows up at her door. Enter Zahn, muse extraordinaire; he’s purple. Drop dead gorgeous, but purple due to his overuse of purple prose. Add to t...


Secret Passions - Forbidden Passions, Book 5

Sara Beth has been having a hard couple of weeks. Someone leaked that she was a shifter and now a reporter is writing stories calling her a werewolf. The only problem, she’s actually a werefox and she want the attention that comes with thes...


Lily's Cowboys - Heaven Sent Book 1

Sometimes life doesn’t end after death. For Lily death is only the beginning of a life full of helping people and wanting only one thing; true love. Each time she is reborn she helps families and this time she might have just met the men th...

5 Stars