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Falling for Trouble - Librarians in Love, #2

“Falling for Trouble” was a funny read that I went through it rather quickly. Peggy is such a sweetheart and I loved her from the first page. Picturing her running after an old dog;Starr, who ran every time the leash came out was rather amu...

4 Stars

Need You - The Garner Brothers, #1

Delaney is creative, strong, a survivor and just doing what she needs to, to get by. Her ex-husband is a class act jerk and I really wanted to give him what’s for. I grew to hate him from the start. Delaney was hit with a big life change an...


The Undateable - Librarians in Love, #1

“The Undateable” by Sarah Title combines multiple familiar themes into a sweet love story. The modern twist of social media’s impact combined with the stereotypes of librarians plus the challenge of finding someone who will accept you for w...

  • Author: Sarah Title
  • Review by: ELF
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: #FirstInaSeries, * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Zebra Shout

In Your Arms - A For Your Love Novel, #2

The sexual tension between Sean and Emma was crazy. Each character has their own little thing and I found it absolutely amazing that Emma didn't have to depend on a man. She could do things on her own, like knowing what’s wrong with her car...


The Librarian and the Spy - Librarian/Spy Escapade, #1

When James Lockwood comes into Quinn Ellington’s library looking for help researching an antique brooch, he immediately sets her nerves aquiver. But she doesn’t expect anything to result from her reference work except for an unrequited on t...

  • Author: Susan Mann
  • Review by: Danya
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: #FirstInaSeries, * Contemporary, * Romantic Suspense, Debut Title, * Romance: Romantic Comedy
  • Publisher: Zebra Shout

Strawberry Wine

Looking for a novel with a romance as well as lots of twists and turns? “Strawberry Wine” will definitely keep you wondering what will happen next! I liked how the author was able to give us an emotional story that was told using 'flashback...

5 Stars

It Started with a Kiss - The Worthingtons Book 3

“It Started with a Kiss” is the third book in Ella Quinn’s Worthington Series. The first two books in the series are fantastic, and I could not wait to read the next story. Quinn did not disappoint. The plot is quick paced with a few well-p...

5 Stars

Tempting the Earl - The Muses' Salon Series, #3

I recommend reading this series in order to help with character development. With that being said I enjoyed this story. It was like other books I have read where the woman has hidden jobs because of the time period. However this book also h...


Shift - Hot Rides, #2

It took me a little to get into “Shift”. It was slow paced in the beginning, but it did pick up. Emery is an interesting character and his name is pretty unique for a guy. He’s got a lot of secrets, but he does his job well. Tori cracks me...


Under Your Skin - A For Your Love Novel, #1

I’ve tried very hard but Norah’s family really made me mad. It was like nothing she did was right or good. Regardless of the way they treat her I think she will be a good mother. Kai is interesting too and I’m glad he treated her like a per...


Chasing the Heiress - The Muses' Salon Series

Rachael Miles has written quite an adventure in “Chasing the Heiress”. This novel is set in the time after the Napoleonic War. Lady Arabella Lucia Fairborne worked with her officer father on the battlefields tending the wounded soldiers. Co...


When a Marquis Chooses a Bride - The Worthingtons, #2

“When a Marquis Chooses a Bride” is the second book in Ella Quinn’s Worthingtons series. The first book in the series, “Three Weeks to Wed”, was so good I couldn’t wait to read this one. Quinn did not disappoint. The story’s narrative kept...

5 Stars