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Kiss Across Swords - Kiss Across Time Series, #2

Very well rendered with just the right amount of historical detail for fun without sinking too much into the horrors and barbarism of times past. I am uncertain about how much I believe in the way time works in Cooper-Posey's world, but tha...

4 Stars

Heart of Vengeance - Jewels of Tomorrow

To Isobel, the courtiers in King Richard’s court are nothing more than selfish simpletons. Her path was a righteous one dedicated to bringing justice and peace to a land she barely knew. To the other courtiers, Isobel is nothing more than a...

5 Stars

Carson's Night - The Stonebrood Saga, #1

Tally has been trained since birth to be a hunter. Only, no human trained her. No, her best friend and his lover Nick and Damien, two vampires, trained her. Now Tally wants nothing to do with the human world, much less fall in love with a m...


Diana by the Moon - Jewels of Tomorrow

Abused and alone, Diana Aurelius has made herself head of her family's household. Fighting for survival in wake of a brutal attack by enemies, Diana has somehow managed to provide for a full household of women and children. Her efforts have...


Kiss Across Time - Kiss Across Time Series, #1

Kiss Across Time is the first book in the Kiss Across Time series about Taylor and her men, Brody and Veris. Taylor is a history professor six weeks from getting her tenure when she is fired from her job at a university. It is because she i...

5 Stars

Vivian's Return - Go Get 'em Women, #1

Paul is a certified pilot and does rescue jobs in a heartbeat. It is because of this impulsiveness that made him lose the best thing in his life, Vivian Galloway. For years they were inseparable always going and doing things together. Every...


Blood Stone - Blood, #2

Blood Stone is a brilliant, awesome and a fantastic read! This is the second book in the Blood series following Blood Knot. I really enjoyed this story. The fact that the book had the characters of Winter, Sebastian and Nial from Blood knot...


Dead Again

This is a good story. It got a little draggy in the middle but picked right back up and the ending was great. This is a wonderful read for a rainy day. I love the character of Sophie and admired her strength and determination. I will for su...

4 Stars

Eva's Last Dance

Tracy Cooper-Posey weaves an endearing love story with mystery and lots of steamy bedroom scenes in Eva’s Last Dance. Reading this story I was entranced by each romantic, steamy page. The love that Eva and Ryan start to feel for each other...


Dead Double

Tracy Cooper-Posey draws the reader into a world of palpable danger and political intrigue. This story takes you across foreign destinations to your own backyard and off to exotic locales again. I loved how abruptly everything seemed to hap...


Lucifer's Lover

Lucifer is his name and like the Devil himself he is charming and cunning. Two things that Lindsay Eden hates in a man especially one like him. He is mysterious and goes off every weekend to New York never telling anyone where he goes or wh...


Solstice Surrender

This short novel by Ms. Cooper-Posey was enjoyable to read, but I think it could have been more.  I felt the beginning of the story was a bit rushed, and while I understand that this was only a short novel, I would have enjoyed a bit m...