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Blood and Lemonade - Hap and Leonard

"Blood and Lemonade" is a Hap and Leonard book. It's about friends reminiscing about their experiences before and after they found each other. Hap and Leonard are the main characters in the book. They were complicated and seemed to always b...

3 Stars

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld

"The Forgotten Beasts of Eld" is a delightful story, wonderfully woven with poetic prose. Phillip’s has a distinctly lyrical voice and her words flow on the page. Myths and legends come alive, riddles abound, and magic seeps through each wo...

5 Stars

Dreams of Distant Shores

“Dreams of Distant Shores” by Patricia A. McKillip provides an intriguing look at the author’s ability to evoke remarkable worlds that are almost familiar yet unlike anything that most of us have ever imagined. One has to be in the proper f...

4 Stars

Led Astray - The Best of Kelley Armstrong

This is really hard to review. I don't want to bore you with 23 little reviews. So I'm doing this as a whole. If you are a fan of any of Armstrong's series then this book is one that you NEED! It has a ton of little short stories from her o...

5 Stars

Lovecraft's Monsters

I LOVED this book. I love retellings, especially horror, and these were done in a great way. From sea creatures to demons there is a story for everyone. After I read this book I read the originals and I was very happy with the way this book...

5 Stars

Hollow World

It is always difficult to imagine what the future holds but this author has invented a wonderfully creative concept and explored the boundaries of what is considered desirable. The collision between idealism and pragmatism is highlighted by...


The Emperor's Soul

Conspiracy, politics, and a difference of opinion over the Forgers craft. The Emperor's Soul is the first book that I've read by Brandon Sanderson and it is a good one. The back and forth debate between Shai and Gaotona, the longest serving...

4 Stars

Wonders of the Invisible World

Award winning author Patricia A McKillip has brought us a collection of her short stories, conveniently packaged all together, instead of having to hunt through and collect numerous anthologies in search of her treasures. The treasures in t...

4 Stars

Epic Legends of Fantasy

I love fantasy books. J.R.R. Tolkien and George R R Martin are two of my favorite authors ever. So when I heard George was going to be writing one of the stories in this anthology I jumped on the chance to review it right away. I'll give a...