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Ensnared - Ensnared, #1

Charlie is really outspoken and it’s never been a problem until now. She is abducted from earth to become Rhyker’s mate. And the only way for her to stay safe is for her to keep her mouth shut! Both Charlie and Rhyker doubt she is capable l...


Captivated - Bruised Series, #2

Captivated is a disorganized collection of over the top plot points weakly strung together with little to no character development and bad dialogue. This story had so much potential to be a good romantic thriller if the author had just take...


Bruised - Bruised Series Book #1

Ernest Juarez has been gruesomely murdered. His best friend Jack is the one who finds his body. Lisa and Dee are the lead detectives on the case. When Lisa arrives she is surprised to find that the Jack is in a wheelchair and is also ridicu...

4 Stars

The Secret Of The Emerald Sea

A Magical Sea-Voyage As an avid reader, I try to broaden my book genres so I snatched The Secret of the Emerald Sea up hoping it would introduce me to a new way of reading. Did it? I am not quite sure. This story is listed as a Young Adult...


Scented Dreams

I just finished reading "Scented Dreams"; I was taken in from page 1. The story centers around Ian and Nesta, who at first glance appear to be complete polar opposites. During the course of this story, you come to realize all the...


Body Heat

Rayna is blind, but that doesn’t hold her back.  She’s also the daughter of the President of the United States, and that does hold her back.  A little.  She’s been protected all her life, not just since her...

3 Stars

Scented Lust - A Dogon Hunter Novel

Jordan prepares to make her way home from her first one-night stand ever but fate steps in the way. Contrary to her earlier thoughts, she does get to know Artest better in a way she could never have imagined. Jordan is a great character; sh...

4 Stars