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Itch Rocks - The Further Adventures of an Element Hunter,#2

I have to say that this is one book that everyone would love. I really want a TV show made of this one!! Hey CW, are you hearing this?! This one is right up your ally! Ok so both myself and my now 10 year old (her bday was back on the 2nd)...

5 Stars

Itch - The Explosive Adventures of an Element Hunter, #1

The main character, Itch, is a fourteen year old kid. He's lost. He's socially awkward. Needless to say he's relatable for a lot of us, especially the younger generation. There was loads of action, but there was also a lot of description th...


Great Expectations (Splinter Edition) - Classic Lines

Of the Charles Dickens books I have read, Great Expectations is my favorite. For me, the books is all Dickens: The events that become turning points, the different paths in life, how far you can go, how low you can be brought down, how assu...

4 Stars

Emma (Splinter Edition) - Classic Lines

"Emma" by Jane Austen is an oftentimes overlooked classic, when compared to Austen's other works. But it is a delight to read, filled with witty dialogue and wonderfully descriptive narrative, some of Jane Austen's work at it's best. This S...

5 Stars

Pride and Prejudice (Splinter Edition)

It amazes me how so many things can change as generations of the human race re-populate the earth, yet, sadly, many things also stay the same. Titled quite appropriately, Pride and Prejudice tackles two major issues that generation after ge...

4 Stars

Sense and Sensibility (Splinter Edition)

I’ve read this novel twice now and found comfort in the fact that my opinion of it hasn’t changed. In Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen introduces the Dashwood sisters, Elinor, Marianne and Margaret. When their father dies, the sisters alo...

3 Stars

Wuthering Heights (Splinter Edition)

Although it has been a few years since I read Wuthering Heights, re-reading the book has me remembering the first time I read it quite fondly. Sure, there are angst-ridden moments in the book that could, in some ways, leave the reader with...

4 Stars

Jane Eyre (Splinter Edition)

Jane Eyre is the kind of book I like to re-read every few years. It may not be the best form of literary fiction for some readers, but it is a good read. For me, it has several elements that I look for when in the mood for a certain type of...

4 Stars