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The Fly-Fisher's Craft - The Art and History

“The Fly-Fisher’s Craft: The Art and History” (Augmented edition) by Darrel Martin is a coffee-table book filled with illustrations of both historical texts and drawings dealing with fly-fishing and modern techniques dealing with constructi...

5 Stars

Backpack Fly Fishing - A Back-to-Basics Approach

“Backpack Fly Fishing: A Back-to-Basics Approach” by Daniel E. Steere is both a reminder that a simple uncomplicated method of fishing can be just as much fun as a trip using multiple complex pieces of expensive equipment and a celebration...


Dos Caminos Mexican Street Food - 120 Authentic Recipes to Make at Home

“Dos Caminos Mexican Street Food: 120 Authentic Recipes to Make at Home” by Ivy Stark with Joanna Pruess is a cookbook filled with recipes, anecdotes, and pictures of various dishes based on adaptations of street food of Mexico. Apparently,...


The Tamarack Murders - Bo Tully Mysteries

“The Tamarack Murders” by Patrick F. McManus is one of the Bo Tully Mystery Series. I thought I would enjoy this book because McManus is supposed to be a writer who invokes a sense of humor in his books. I DO love a good murder mystery, but...


The Best Ghost Stories Ever Told - Best Stories Ever Told

People having been telling ghost stories probably from the first cave men sitting around the campfire, and it has been a favored genre for writers. The stories in "The Best Ghost Stories Ever Told" feature some of the literary world's best...


Vintage Vampire Stories

This collection features vampire stories ranging from the mid1800's to the very early part of the 1900's, many of which haven't been printed for over a century. These are the original vampires, pale and lean, ugly yet compelling, those earl...

  • Authors: Robert Eighteen-Bisang, Richard Dalby
  • Review by: Danya
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, Horror, Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

Topgun Days - Dogfighting, Cheating Death, and Hollywood Glory as One of America's Best Fighter Jocks

I found Topgun Days to be a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable insight into the life of a naval flight officer. What I think drew me in the most - aside from the author's down-to-earth manner - is that Mr. Baranek shows not only the "upside"...

5 Stars