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The Pirate's Witch - Blood Prince Series, #6

Jump right into "The Pirate's Witch" and be swept into a fantasy adventure full of magic. We have pirate Tyr Singlehand. Yes he just has one hand, but knows how to work it. Tyr isn't a handsome young pirate, but one with a quite a few years...


Beautiful Salvation - Blood Prince Series, #5

A princess sleeps, a kingdom dies and a god stripped of half his power needs to find a way to awaken the kingdom’s…beautiful salvation in this spellbinding fairy tale romance. Aiyana’s dreams are filled with nightmares and she needs to lear...


Revenge in Vein - The Complete Series

I enjoyed this collection, which came as a bit of a surprise -- I don't usually like revenge-fic. Either the original slight was heinous enough that it makes it hard to see the two together, or it was something petty that has me rolling my...


Rusalka - A romantic fairy tale

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for fairy-tale retellings. However, this one is really, really good. I've never been fond of the way The Little Mermaid ended in the traditional story, so I was very pleased to see Jennifer's take on it....

4 Stars

Divine Scales - Blood Prince Series, #4

An angel’s curse causes mayhem in the lives of those around him, even influencing a mermaid to give up her tail and it will take more than a kiss to balance the Divine Scales in this captivating and magical fairy tale romance. This fast pac...

5 Stars

Golden Stair - Blood Prince Series, #3

Will Ivy take a chance on life? Can Adonis deny his nature? Find out in this thrilling fairy tale adventure romance. Locked away in a tower her entire life, Ivy faces her wildest dreams and her mother’s worst nightmare when Adonis, the demo...


One Bite - Blood Prince Series, #2

The second book in the Blood Prince series is a mesmerizing fairy tale romance that puts the reader under its spell. Irina is determined to undermine Prince Kirill at every turn, normally he would just kill her himself, but for some reason...

4 Stars

Before Midnight - Blood Prince Series, #1

BEFORE MIDNIGHT is a charming paranormal twist on the Cinderella fairy tale. Loupe is hiding the fact that she was bitten by a werewolf from her wolf-hunting stepmother and stepsisters, certain that she will never be able to have a normal l...

4 Stars