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Heinous - Faces of Evil, #9

Heinous is the 9th book in the Faces of Evil series by author Debra Webb. Eric Spears, aka The Player, is getting closer and closer to Jess. The body count is adding up with people from her past. As she goes through evidence she finds simil...

5 Stars

Vile - The Faces of Evil Series: Book 8

Another winner for author Debra Webb. In "Vile" we start with a little girl left in front of a flower shop by herself. When the clerk goes to ask her about her mother she notices a note telling them to take her to Deputy Chief Jess Harris....

5 Stars

Vicious - The Faces of Evil Series: Book 7

I love this series and was excited when I saw it on Night Owl Reviews and jumped at the chance to review. This is the 7th book in the Faces of Evil series. A series of horrific murders have Birmingham in its clutches yet again. Is it the wo...

5 Stars