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Pyro's Accidental Shooting - Hounds of the Hunt Book 2

Pyro's Accidental Shooting gets a WOW! I liked this story as much as I enjoyed the first book “Archie's Accidental Kidnapping”. These are from the Hounds of the Hunt series. From the first meeting between Pyro and Callum, which Callum shot...


Melting Ms Frost

Whew!!! I am still trying to pull myself together from the intensifying, intoxicating fragrances of drama and sensuality that were extracted from this fabulous, engrossing and titillating narrative. Melting Ms. Frost is crafted with incredi...

5 Stars

Forbidden Mate - Holland Brothers #4

Forbidden Mate has a wonderful storyline. Although I would like to smack Jake for his waiting so long it all turns out great. This story is well written and a very good read. The sensual hot love scenes only added to the storyline and made...


The Sweet One

The Sweet One is a touching love story between Micah, an understated man who, from birth, has been destined for one thing…Noah. Noah has spent his entire existence overseeing his charges, watching their lives, reporting back to the A...

3 Stars

Determined Mate - Holland Brothers, #2

Determined Mate, Holland Brothers, 2 by Toni Griffin is Ms. Griffins second book in the Holland Brothers series. Although it can be read on its own I believe you may enjoy getting to know the characters better with reading the first book. J...


Unexpected Mate - Holland Brothers, #1

If you love stories about hunky Weres and are in the market for a new author then check out Toni Griffin and her Holland Brothers Series. Unexpected Mate, Holland Brothers, #1 by Toni Griffin is a light, fun, sweet story. Brian Towsend is h...


The Silver Chain - Unbreakable Trilogy, Book 1

When reading The Silver Chain I had mixed emotions. There were times when I couldn't help but to continue on with reading and other times I simply did not want to finish it. I did however finish and while the book wasn't an arm breaking rea...

3 Stars