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Charmed at First Sight - Charmed in Texas, #4

A runaway bride has been done plenty of times but this one is totally an awesome runaway. A sexy motorcycle rider with secrets and relationship issues helps Micah leave town. Leo has no need to get involved with any more drama yet he become...

5 Stars

Dream Lover - Dreams Come True

I’m not sure if this is a bad boy becoming good or a good girl becoming bad. Regardless, April and Brandon were fun to read about. They each had issues and decisions to make that would not only affect themselves but others. I think one of t...


New Tricks - A Redwood Ridge Romance

Loved the small town feel, loved the humor, and loved the sweetness of New Tricks. There's grief and loss, painful amounts of it, but New Tricks does a wonderful job of acknowledging that terrible things happen while giving warm reassurance...

4 Stars

The Sweetheart Kiss - Brash & Brazen

Cheryl Ann Smith kicks butt with this fantastic contemporary romantic adventure. And now I wish I were a Brash Girl! Jess Lucas and her fellow female PIs are my heroes, they are smart and sexy and more than capable of taking down a bad guy....


Tracking You - A Redwood Ridge Romance

"Tracking You" reminded me why I fell in love with reading. Reading is less about the words on the page and more about the emotions felt. Ms. Moran totally got that. She captured the abject loneliness of a man born to be different and the r...

5 Stars

Puppy Love

This is my second book by Kelly Moran and I am impressed. Her stories are heartfelt. Her characters are like family. She speaks to the heart with her brand of good-natured down home love stories. “Puppy Love” is such a sweet story. There is...

5 Stars

Swept Away - A Swift River Romance, #1

Twins fascinate me and the relationship Carson has with his Cody was interesting and at times crazy. I felt so bad for Lily! She had so much thrown at her and yet she kept on pushing and took the hits. Most people would give up after the th...

4 Stars

All Note Long - Perfect Harmony, #3

A chance meeting with a go-go dancer at a West Hollywood nightclub turns country singer and superstar, Michelin's life upside down. Deeply in the closet, Michelin is really not ready for the relationship he finds himself in with Lucky. Luck...

4 Stars

Line of Scrimmage - Game On, #2

Desiree Holt scores a touchdown with this contemporary romance filled with heat and heart. Jake Russell is a fabulous leading man, he's all alpha and sexy as sin. Seriously I think I practically fell in love with him myself from the first s...

5 Stars