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Slow Heat

I originally agreed to review this without reading the blurb closely. I like this author and I thought this was a shifter/fated mate book which I love. It is not that. It's set in a dystopian type future world. Women all died off at some po...

4 Stars

Training Complex - Training Season Series, #2

This is a very well done follow up to the book Training Season. This story picks up a few years later where the men are living in New York City. Matty is coaching now and Rob is working as a physical therapist. Being in the city is putting...

4 Stars

Smoky Mountain Dreams

My first time reading this author was a huge success. What an excellent book this was. Christopher is a singer at the Smoky Mountain Dreams theme park. He comes from an extremely religious family who treats him horribly. Jesse is an artist/...


The River Leith

“The River Leith” is a poignant m/m erotic novella that follows the travails of a MMA fighter, Leith Wenz, who has no memory of the past three years. Even more shocking, he has forgotten his relationship with his partner Zach Stephens, who...