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Bloodspell - The Cruentus Curse Series, #1

This is the debut of Amalie Howard and after reading her other books I can see how far she has grown. All though this story hits it out of the park with as an AMAZING debut you can really see how this is a new author. The story isn't refine...


The Rx Factor

This book was excellent. I was wrapped into it before I finished reading the first chapter. This book is similar in depth and knowledge (background of the author too) of the medical issues as are John Grisham novels in the legal profession....


The Ticket

Filled with indignant ambition, Karl Kessel leaps at the opportunity to leave his life of servitude in Yugoslavia for the American frontier. Blindly going forth, he leaves his wife, Katja, and their two children. He sends for them once he i...

4 Stars

The Naked Nun

Lisa has a rough childhood after her parents die in an automobile accident, which also killed her Nanny so now she is in the foster system. She adores her foster mother but her foster father is pretty mean. She is sent to a foster home that...

5 Stars