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A Ghost on Every Corner

In this paranormal book, Ms. Colclasure takes us on a journey to different states which have some intense paranormal activity. Although there’s a list of different places all over the U.S., she has written about ones that have a strong pull...

4 Stars

The GHOST Group Book One

I thought this was a fun paranormal children’s story that I think kids would really enjoy reading out loud or having it read to them. We are taken on a ghostly adventure with the GHOST Group that consists of five 11-year-olds named Jesse, J...

4 Stars

The Yellow Rose

The Yellow Rose is a nice book that teaches about hard work, that the simple answer may be the best when all else fails, to enjoy what you do, and that hard work may bring unexpected gifts. A wonderful story for all ages, not only for the i...


Untamed Magick - The Pentacles Of Magick, #1

Historian Rena Gallagher is contracted authenticated a deck of Tarot cards. What she finds brings her to Graelen Scott for answers. She tries to explain what she thinks the cards mean, but thinking he knows everything about his family Grael...


Seasons Of Fantasy: Summer Sprite

Kira Flutter, a love fairy, has paired plenty of couples up for centuries now. She’s so busy spreading the love around that she never has enough left for herself. She’s okay with that though. She feels that love isn’t for...


The Actor's Guild - The Bakery Murders: Challenge - Full Length Novel (152506 word count)

Best friends and parapsychologists Kim Henson and Liz Carr live in the McCann's manor house, a property that had been given to them as a payment for ridding it of ghosts. But ghosts isn't the only distinction the eclectic property has, it i...


The Actor's Guild - McCann's Manor: Portal - Length: Full Length Novel (154158 word count)

This story written by Charlotte Holley was absolutely fantastic. From the very first paragraph I was hooked. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to continue on Liz and Kim’s paranormal journey through McCann’s...

5 Stars

Magick Ignited - The Pentacles Of Magick, #2

Cash Scott is a man on a mission. His Uncle has tried to hurt him and his brothers one time too many and he's is going to see it never happens again. Being sidetracked by a beautiful stranger who just happened to blow up his vintage motorcy...