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Paper Dolls

How does one choose between their lover and their other half? Is that an easy question to answer or has your world just blown apart. These are the questions that Aria deals with. Aria's job is a little unorthodox but she loves it and her bo...

4 Stars

Bound Forever - Bound, #2

Bound Forever is penned by the talented and imaginative Hanna Peach. Ms. Peach is no stranger to the community of prolific authors of urban fantasy, adult romantic suspense and the paranormal genres. Bound Forever is the second installment...


Angeldust - Dark Angel, #5

Angeldust is penned by one of the greatest paranormal authors, Hanna Peach. Ms. Peach brings to a close one of the best paranormal series I have read in years. This is the perfect time for you to jump on board and read the whole series now....

5 Stars

Angelblood - Dark Angel, #4

Protecting those you love and care about is an awesome responsibility and rescuing them can seem daunting at times. Remember the old saying “Blood is thicker than water” well it may depend on what ones vantage point is I believe. In this gr...

5 Stars

Bound by Lies - Bound, #1

As I started reading this book, I couldn't help but smile at the dedication that went into writing it. While the first chapter leaves you in the dark about the characters, you enter into the second chapter with an better informed knowledge...


Angelsong - Dark Angel, #3

What a glorious tune; the song heard when two souls meet and fall in love. How sweet the song!! This was just one of the precious feelings I came away with after reading Book 3, Angelsong by the gifted author Hanna Peach. Ms. Peach's writin...

5 Stars

Angelstone - Dark Angel #2

Angels are among us every day, so some say and believe. It is believed that there are both good and bad angels and that theory dates back to the beginning of time. Angelstone is well written and chockfull of suspense, mythology, love, sensu...

5 Stars

Angelfire - Dark Angel #1

The Good, Lightwarrior Angels and Lucifer's crew of demons are always present and fighting in an effort to claim beings of earth for their own. If you enjoy the paranormal with the themes of angels and demons Angelfire is the book that will...