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Hello, Universe

“Hello, Universe” is a great book. It’s sweet and about friendship. I really liked this one and I don't like many middle grade stories anymore. “Hello, Universe” is a great book and should be added to the school library shelves. It’s about...

5 Stars


Personally I had a hard time with this book. I so wanted to love “Foxheart” as I've heard great things about this book and author. However, this wasn't the case for me. While the story and concept were great, I felt a bit confused early on...

3 Stars

This Is a Serious Book

This book is a not so serious book trying to be serious. The narrator is trying to get the animals in the book to be serious, but they fail so good! This book is full of colorful pictures and laugh out loud commentary. It was very fun to re...

5 Stars

The Changer's Key - A Riddle in Ruby, #2

Hi this is Endy here! I was so happy when I found out this book was on its way! I dived into it as soon as it came and I finished it in two days. “The Changer's Key” is even better than the first Riddle in Ruby title. This second book picke...


Amelia Bedelia Ties the Knot - Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #10

Another awesome adventure with Amelia Bedelia! This funny little girl doesn’t realize how funny she is but this book shows glimpses into her family life which shows where she gets her unique sense of humor. In this story Amelia’s aunt is ge...


Jess's Story - Backyard Witch, #2

This may be the second book in this wacky witch series but as this book is independent from the first, start reading! Ms. M is the witch and she’s not like any other witch you may have met. She’s able to work in healthy eating and fun while...

5 Stars

Five Times Revenge

Adam and Perk are tired of their middle school principal and his son Hill who is a bully. The last straw is when Hill locks Perk's developmentally disabled brother in a supply closet and leaves him there scared and crying. Adam and Perk dec...

4 Stars

Somebody Stop Ivy Pocket - Ivy Pocket, #2

Somebody Stop Ivy Pocket, by Caleb Krisp, is wonderful. It is the perfect complement to the first Ivy Pocket book. She is such a delightful character who I love to read about. Her adventures are hilarious and her sense of humor is great. He...

5 Stars

Amelia Bedelia on the Job - Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #9

Amelia Bedelia’s class is learning about jobs in this funny book about a girl who looks at life a bit differently than anyone else. Amelia Bedelia is sure her father is a coach as he uses words like slam dunk and slides. And a friend is sur...



Frankencrayon, by Michael Hall, is an interesting children's book. I love the book cover, it gets the mind thinking. The little notes throughout are sure to make kids laugh. Each crayon character is named its color so this could be used whi...

3 Stars

The Doldrums

This is a wonderful, adventurous story that keeps you on your toes. The characters are fully formed and brilliant each having their own voice. You fall in love with them and can't help rooting for them. This book is definitely a keeper with...

5 Stars

A Riddle in Ruby - Riddle in Ruby, #1

A Riddle in Ruby is the first in the Riddle in Ruby series. This book is a magical middle grade fantasy title and I enjoyed it! I fell in love with the world the author created. The action is nonstop and the mystery and suspense made it eve...

5 Stars

Amelia Bedelia Sets Sail - Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #7

Amelia Bedelia is at it again. In this edition, she travels with her family to her aunt's beach home for a little family vacation. But, in true Amelia Bedelia fashion, this is not just any ordinary family vacation. It is filled with laughs...

4 Stars

Sadie's Story - Backyard Witch, #1

This was a charming story of a little girl and the friendships that she has and the friendships that she makes. Sadie is disappointed because her two best friends have left on a vacation without her. One day she looks out to see smoke comin...

4 Stars

Friend or Foe - The Gollywhopper Games

I think that a good children’s book is one that tells an engaging story while encouraging creativity and mental exercise and this book definitely does both. It was entertaining to solve puzzles right along with Zane, and a relief that one c...

5 Stars

Blackbird Fly

Blackbird Fly is a powerful story that I liked very much. The main character Apple is sure to be a character that many pre-teen girls will relate to. This story made me feel many different things while I was reading Apple's story. The plot...

4 Stars

Anyone but Ivy Pocket

Ivy Pocket is the epitome of great characters. She is wacky and crazy positive about everything around her. Her interactions with others are hilarious. I had so much fun reading about her and predicting how she would react to each situation...

5 Stars

Amelia Bedelia Cleans Up - Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #6

Who doesn’t love Amelia Bedelia? This fast reading chapter book follows her adventures as a child. She discovers that you don’t need to travel far to discover new things and new places. She’s joined by two friends as they find a place for t...

4 Stars

The Turtle of Oman

The Turtle of Oman is a cute novel that show us that culture and location differences are sometimes not so different. And that sometimes having to move to a new place although scary might be fun as well. One of the biggest issues in this bo...

5 Stars

Nuts to You

This is definitely a nutty story! This book tells the story of how a little squirrel gets snatched by a hawk, then he escapes only to find out that the humans are destroying the forest. Although this book is dealing with a pretty serious si...

5 Stars

The Gollywhopper Games - The New Champion

The Gollywhopper Games: The New Champion, written by Jody Feldman is the second installment of the Gollywhopper games. Cameron Schein and his older brother Spencer scored two of the highly sought after slots in the regional round of the Gol...

4 Stars

The Cabinet of Curiosities - 36 Tales Brief & Sinister

Ok what to say about The Cabinet of Curiosities. It is a pretty thick book of 36 tales that are set for the Middle School crowd. However, I wouldn't allow my middle school kids to read this one as it would give them nightmares. It would be...

3 Stars
  • Authors: Stefan Bachmann, Katherine Catmull, Claire Legrand, Emma Trevayne
  • Review by: CrossroadReview
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, Kids: Children's, * Fantasy, Kids: Middle Grade
  • Publisher: Greenwillow Books