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The August 5

The August 5 had a lot going for it. It has some great topic starters about colonization and conquering. The only issue I had was that the book was fairly slow and that the female characters had more depth vs the male characters. The story...


Crewel - Crewel World, #1

Crewel by Gennifer Albin is the first of three books published in this series. There are a lot of paranormal YA stories out there and to find a unique world is rare so I consider this book a real gem. The story is set in a place called Arra...


My Life Undecided

From falling down a mine shaft when she was two to setting fire to her mother's new showhome, Brooklyn Pierce seems to make only bad decisions. So she starts a blog and turns her decisions over to her readers. Should she try out for rugby?...

4 Stars