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A Decision of Faith - Dreams of Plain Daughters, #4

Violet Robinson lives a different lifestyle for the mere fact that her father is a U.S. Senator and her mother was raised Amish. Violet knows these two lifestyles completely contradict each other. Ironically, Violet is given the chance to l...

5 Stars

Fleeting Hope - Dreams of Plain Daughters, #3

Eleven years after schoolteacher Ruth Yoder lost her beloved fiancé, Daniel, in a buggy accident, she finds herself ready to be courted by someone again. David Hershberger, Ruth’s neighbor and also a widower, seems smitten with Ruth, but ha...

5 Stars

Judith's Place - Dreams of Plain Daughters Series, #2

Schoolteacher Judith Hershberger dreams of obtaining a GED even though she’s Amish and she doesn’t need to further her education past their mandated eighth grade level. It’s something she’s always wanted to do and now since she’s in her Rum...

5 Stars

A Joyful Break - Dreams of Plain Daughters, #1

Ms. Craver penned a wonderful story within these pages. I really enjoyed getting to know her characters, but what I thoroughly enjoyed was getting to know the ways of the Amish folks. Through this story, I’ve learned so much more of their c...

5 Stars