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Ember's Kiss - The Dragonfire Novels Book 9

Ember's Kiss is a redemption and coming into powers book and part of the Pyr storyline. Overall I found Ember’s Kiss to just be an OK read. Brandon wasn’t my ideal alpha male. He was too naive when it came to Chen, the enemy, which put hims...

3 Stars

Flashfire - The Dragonfire Novels Book 8

Magician dragon shifter Lorenzo is dismayed when he has his firestorm, which means his destined mate is in the audience. He is nearing his last show and plans on disappearing and starting a new life. He can't resist her though. Cassie Redmo...


Darkfire Kiss - The Dragonfire Novels Book 7

Melissa Smith is on a quest to bring Magnus Montmorency to justice for the murder of a friend, but she doesn't count on finding Rafferty Powell there as well or discovering that neither man is who they appear to be. The two have been fighti...

4 Stars

Whisper Kiss - The Dragonfire Novels Book 6

With a disappearance and maybe death Magnus leader of the Slayers and shadow dragons, Niall Talbot has vowed to hunt down and destroy the remaining shadow dragons before the next full eclipse. But what he doesn't count on is his own Firesto...

4 Stars

Winter Kiss - The Dragonfire Novels Book 4

For centuries Magnus the leader of the slayers has been using the Dragon's Blood Elixir, which gives immortality to those who drink it, to keep himself and his followers immortal. The Pyr know they must destroy the elixir to win against the...


Kiss of Fire - The Dragonfire Novels Book 1

This is the first of the Dragonfire series. I picked this series up out of curiosity since there are not a lot of books out there about dragon shape shifters.   Sara Keegan was an accountant in a fast paced job with not a lot of time f...

4 Stars

Kiss of Fury - The Dragonfire Novels Book 2

This is the second book in the Dragonfire series. In this one, the firestorm has come to Donovan Shea. One of the younger dragons, he doesn’t welcome the firestorm for several reasons. His fated mate is Alex Madison, a scientist worki...


Kiss of Fate - The Dragonfire Novels Book 3

This is a wonderful third installment in the saga of the Pyr. We are treated to the leader of the Pyr’s firestorm with the reincarnation of his first mate. Erik is visited by Sophie, The Wyvern, who reveals his mate has been reborn in...