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Tales from the Uprising

“Tales from the Uprising” by Christopher c. Newman is a collections of ghastly tales set during the zombie uprising from the novel “Uprising”. The novella documents individual tales of terror and pandemonium as the c...

5 Stars


"Uprising" by Christopher Newman is a tantalizing novel of apocalyptic proportions spanning the chaos and ensuing pandemonium that gripes the city of Youngstown located in the heartland of the United States. Wow, I thought the pre...

5 Stars

Of Blood and Politics

"Of Blood and Politics" by Christopher Newman, is an edgy trip into the unbelievable propelling the reader into a compelling spellbinding glimpse into the future of the world as an unknown phenomena takes shape across the world. I...

5 Stars

Blood Noir

***Plot Spoiler Included*** When up-and-coming photographer, Alex Klein, is offered a lucrative contract for a photo shoot in Seattle, he accepts. Immediately, his lover of ten-years, Harley Scott, a private detective, has a bad vibe. For y...


Bound By Blood: The Awakening

The Crone’s job is to help the young learn of the past. She is the only one that can still read the writings that are literally written, on the walls. The people she teaches were not always from this dimension of Earth that...


Le Jardin de la Lumiere

(Publisher’s blurb) “A successful young artist, Ryan Esson lost everything in the blink of an eye, including his ability to create. Courtesy of an anonymous benefactor, he’s given an opportunity to reclaim something he tho...


Apocalypse Woman

I was utterly enchanted by this story. The premise, the characters, the characterization -- Tyree Kimber certainly has a flair for telling a mesmerizing tale. Selkines was a heroine after my own heart - it was heartening to see her take her...

4 Stars

Darkness Falls

Matthew Tucker is working on a series with his best friend Daniel Westman. When an accidental explosion blinds Daniel he is rushed to the hospital, where Matthew stays with him. When Daniel finds out the blindness might be permanent Matthew...