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For the Love of Hades - Loves of Olympus, #2

“He leaned forward, rested his elbows on his knees and covered his face with his hands. What had he done? How could he make amends now that his heinous act had been hidden so long? Using his powers to aid a mortal would seem trivial in comp...


Perpetual Light

I’m a huge fan of vampire romances. Perpetual Light is that and so very much more. It is a story of love and loss that spans the ages. I found the book to be thoroughly enchanting, and I do believe that there may be more forthcoming, but I...


Freed - A Shadowed Love Novel

This book was OK but not really my taste. That doesn't mean someone else won't like it though. I found it a little slow getting to the point. I enjoyed the relationship between Ella and Mila, Ella's sister. They had such a special bond that...

3 Stars

Fairyproof - Fairyproof, #1

Fairyproof is a fantasy that is sure to let your mind go in dream mode. It's full of humans and fairies. Kieran is the protector of his sister, Monique. Monique can control any human. She's a fairy, with all the attributes that come with it...

4 Stars


Taste is a fresh and enticing paranormal story that will leave readers begging for more. Kate Evangelista definitely has a voice to be on the lookout for. Her writing is superb, witty and engaging. Looking at the cover itself, I was intrigu...


Stealing Breath

Fast-paced with lots of action throughout, this was a fun and entertaining read. I particularly enjoyed the many scenes that held me entranced in their gothic eeriness. That creepiness was entwined masterfully within the descriptive passage...


Knightfall - Guardians of the Seven Seals, #1

“Kerra trusted three things in the world. Her empathic gift, her instincts, and her dog.” Having the ability to see someone’s aura might be considered a benefit, but for Kerra Cain, it's been more of a curse. As an empath, the ugliness of h...

4 Stars

Perigee Moon

What an awesome book! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked this up, but I was completely blown away. Rowan and Alex were in my opinion were one of the strongest couples I have had the pleasure of reading lately. Yes they had an instan...


The Curse of Gremdon - The Gremdon Chronicles

Magic. Lust. Love. Sacrifice. Intensely gripping from the opening scene, this riveting tale of destiny and desire will have the reader hungering for more, page after page, all the way through the ending. In another world, a vastly oppressed...



SUMMARY: (taken from the authors site) When divorced teacher Cassie Miller dreamt about meeting her soul mate, her happily-ever-after didn't include threats of abduction to a parallel world to help him save his people from imminent destruct...


A Matter of Trust

Abby August is a woman on the run. She won’t settle anywhere until she knows for sure her and Kate are safe. For years she was a dutiful, obedient and loyal wife. That was until the night she found her little girl with a shiner. Fed u...

5 Stars