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The Devil's Due

Ali Vali has fast become one of my favorite authors. I love her Devil series and have fallen in love with Cain and her clan from the very first book. Cain Casey is a mob boss that the FBI have been wanting to get for a while now, but they c...

5 Stars

The Job

Right from the start I liked Sera and the situation she was in. I mean really what do you do when your cover is blown? Deny the truth? Make the accuser sound like they're crazy? Admit it and hope you can get away? In Sera's case she denies...


Because of You

Barrett, such an interesting name for an interesting woman. Barrett is rich and owns her own company, she’s on a trip in Columbia to do business when her guide leads her astray and she gets kidnapped. While trapped she meets an amazing woma...

5 Stars

About Face

I loved this story and have wanted to read it for a while now. Leigh is a detective for the Youth Division and is currently on leave / suspended because of a case she worked on. She didn’t really follow procedure and although the girl is OK...

5 Stars