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Behind the Iron Cross

"Behind the Iron Cross" is a difficult book for me to rate. On the one hand, it's brilliantly executed, with absolutely no punches pulled, and everything falling together in a way that's breathtaking, in both wonderful and awful ways. On th...


Degree of Resistance - Pacifica Rising Book 1

"Degree of Resistance" was interesting and intriguing, but it's definitely the first in a series. The romance between Evie and Ben takes a major backseat to setting up the world, establishing the players, and introducing the Real Problem. T...


Palace of Scoundrels - Two Thrones Book 2

I did very much enjoy this chance to see how Danae and Matthias do after their wedding and all the politics that surround being a royal match. It was interesting seeing the day to day of their lives, watching Danae grow into her power and s...

4 Stars

Empress of Storms - Two Thrones Book 1

Flawless and stunning - Empress of Storms has put Nicola M. Cameron on my must-read list. I'll admit, this story has many of my favorite elements: royal marriage of convenience, unrequited love that ends up being ...well, requited, politics...

5 Stars