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Dead Man's Hand Anthology

I have to admit that when it comes to my reading preferences, I am a bit of a girl. So, the western "shoot out at the O.K. Coral" themed read that I expected from this anthology was a bit out of my comfort zone...to say the least. What I di...

  • Author: John Joseph Adams
  • Review by: WTFAreYouReading
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, * Fantasy, Supernatural, * Science Fiction, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, Western
  • Publisher: Titan Books

The Doctor and the Dinosaurs - Weird West Tales, #4

The Doctor and the Dinosaur is an excellent read! As usual Mr. Resnick pulls out all reverence to history and places his spin on it from start to finish. Great characterization helps place this novel on the map___ in the middle of a Comanch...


Kitty in the Underworld - Kitty Norville, #12

I am a super fan of the Kitty Series and Kitty in the Underworld was not my favorite in the series. Don’t get me wrong it was still a good read, but I feel not as good as the previous books. Kitty in the Underworld had action, adventure, an...


The Doctor and the Rough Rider - Weird West Tales, #3

Mr. Resnick again pulls out all the stops in this stellar western! Strong characters and a well-developed plot aid in making this one for history. Resnick again creates a memorable story. It starts with the news taken from the pages of the...

4 Stars

Dead Man's Hand - The Caden Chronicles

Eddie Jones’ Dead Man's Hand is a really good read. This book deserves a Top Pick as it draws the reader in with great characters and the plot keeps the reader on track till the very end. Nick is our main male character. He is a smart teena...

  • Author: Eddie Jones
  • Review by: Silvermage
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: Supernatural, Western, * Young Adult
  • Publisher: Zondervan

Portlandtown - A Tale of the Oregon Wyldes, #1

I’m not much of a zombie fan but a novel like Portlandtown, written by Rob DeBorde, was a book I could not put down. It’s not just a “zombie story” or an “Old West” story. It’s a story of secrets, magic and mystery. It’s a story of two men,...

5 Stars

Cry Wolf Graphic Novel - Alpha & Omega, Graphic Novel 1

Anna was turned into a werewolf against her will, but with the help of Charles, she’s been managing. That is, until Charles and Anna are asked to return to Charles’ home when a rash of murders starts happening…murders that seem to stem from...

4 Stars

The Devil Draws Two - The Wild West Adventures of Miles O'Malley

Generally speaking, I like a book that combines different eras, cultures, and "things" together in a new and unique way. I also enjoy the book if the characters are interesting and the pace is good. I enjoyed Mr. Riley's take on the Old Wes...

3 Stars

The Mensch With No Name - Merkabah Rider, #2

This is the second collection of the Merkabah Rider series. It is another dusty trails western that wanders into the realm of the fantastic. If you like your westerns to be pure unadulterated shoot ‘em ups then you might not enjoy this. But...

4 Stars

Storm Riders

“Storm Riders” by Karen Michelle Nutt isn’t your typical western. It is a western steampunk tale that takes the readers into a small town called Bodie, a town with a bad reputation. Ace McTavish is being accused of murdering his brother and...


Dust of the Damned

This is a great book, if you’re into Westerns (think Louis L'Amour style) and into the Supernatural (shifters and vampires). It has gritty, fast-paced action with tough women characters like Annie Oakley or sensual like Mae West. The plot s...


The Doctor and the Kid - A Weird West Tale, #2

With the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral behind him, Doc Holiday has moved to Deadwood, Colorado where it's supposed to be easier for him to live his remaining days while suffering from consumption. Unfortunately, he didn't plan on a night of d...


Tales of a High Planes Drifter - Merkabah Rider, #1

Dusty Trails Western with a twist (or 2) Normally, I don't really enjoy the typical Western. I live here, I know how hot and dry it can get. But the teaser for this gave me hope that it would be enough different that I could enjoy it. And I...

4 Stars

The Buntline Special - A Weird West Tale, #1

Mike Resnick has written a highly entertaining Steampunk Western in The Buntline Special . I loved how characters that we know were placed in an alternate version of the American West and how the author incorporated paranormal elements into...

5 Stars

The Native Star

Emily Edwards is a small-town girl in post-Civil War California, practicing her simple folk magic on things like casting a love spell on the local lumberman, whom she thinks will make a good husband. She also tries to avoid local warlock Dr...

5 Stars