Tempted Tigress

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Tempted Tigress

China's Grand Canal transports everything from food to deadly opium and today it would be Anna Marie Thompson's path to freedom. Anna is an orphaned, stranded, Opium runner running from her adopted father whom, she has taken a large shipment from and has decided she doesn't want to be a runner anymore. She wants to go to England and find what is left of her biological family. As Anna is running she is captured by The Emperors Enforcer and his servant. She thinks she is going to be killed at that moment so she tells them her name is Sister Marie Smith to try and gain sympathy an hopefully gain her life. This doesn't help much and the Enforcer writes on the parchment Marie Smith which she learns is their wedding parchment. He tells her that she is not being held as a captive she is now his concubine, and as such he can kill her whenever he so chooses and no one will care or ask why.

Once he allows her to take a bath, and after they have slept while he is taking a bath she engages the enforcer in conversation, which leads to much insight into what their marriage may yet hold. After she tries to run and is saved from a slaver and crew from her husband from force much crueler than death. She learns in the days and weeks to come more of her husband, than she originally intended to.

He is a passionate man and a tender lover. Even though he is a fierce and precise fighter that has bound to rid China from Opium and to save his sister from the Hell she was put in years ago. When she finds out about his sister, she opens up to him even more than she had intended to. Their paths cross even more at this point because she tells him of her real father, her adopted father Samuel, and the opium running. From this point things will change drastically for Anna Marie Thompson.

Jade Lee's book Tempted Tigress is a passionate, steamy tale that would make anyone melt with envy. She gets into the heart of the characters making them emotionally appealing to the reader. Tempted Tigress is definitely one for the keeper shelf and I definitely will ready anything by Jade Lee that I see around.

Book Blurb for Tempted Tigress

China's Grand Canal saw all kinds of transport-food, slaves, even deadly opium. And when one woman planned to sail it to freedom, her flight would end in the arms of a Mandarin prince. There her true journey would begin. Orphaned and stranded, Anna Marie Thompson could trust no one, especially not her dark captor. Not when his eyes held secrets deadlier than her own. Though his caress was liquid fire, his arms a steely shield, Anna was still an Englishwoman and alone. She could not trust him when he swore they could tame the dragon, could together unearth the riches of the sweet cinnabar cave. But sadness and fear could be cleansed by soft yin rain, he whispered; safety and joy were but a breath away. And perhaps love. All was here for the taking, if she would just give in to temptation....

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 5.00