Guardians Keep

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Guardians Keep

Unbound Unbound #2

Kol Hildr is the Barkeep of the bar the Guardian’s Keep but is also the Garm that is in charge of the portal residing in the bar. He can’t seem to understand why he has this urge to protect Kelly Shane. But something about her makes him want to. So each time she comes into the bar he makes sure that he gets the little witch out before something can happen to her again, just like it had a few months ago. Then her twin Kara and another shape shifter Risk Leidoff had paid the toll and rescued her. She had come out ok, but she seemed to like getting her self into trouble, whether she looked for it or it came looking for her. But she liked to urge it on by stepping into his bar and he always new she was there by her smell, whether he saw her walk in or not.
Since she had returned from the portal there had been challengers for the portal and Kol didn’t like it one bit. He knew there were four challengers in the bar and he was not in the mood to wait on them to show themselves even though they were not hiding it. So he would cut them off at the pass and tried to find out who sent them but he got no information out of them. From outside Kelly saw a lady come outside then after her the four garm that Kol had tried to question were thrown out not to long after. Kelly tried to be quiet backing up near the dumpster to hide herself but she made a bit of noise and the lady heard her and noticed her. Realizing who Kelly was she asked her for help, letting her know that her son was missing and that he had some kind of powers that he was special. That she was told he could have possibly been brought to the bar, bartered or traded for something. Kelly told her she would help her find her son gave her a card and told her to come see her the next day. Kol looking at the security cameras outside the bar was trying to figure out if Kelly was behind the attacks or if she was just a coincidence. He was also trying to figure out who the figure was she was talking to but his cameras just wouldn’t let him see that. This was really becoming a perplexing situation for him. The next day when talking with her assistant, Heather the lady from the night before, came in, Aesa Gunnar. Kelly advised Heather that Ms. Gunnar had hired them to find her son. Something about Aesa does not seem normal but Kelly was not going to hold the sins of the mother and father against the son. She will still take the case and find the boy anyway. She thinks about calling her sister since she thinks that the problem is coming from Kol and the portal but Kara believes that Kol is a good person, hopefully she will not need her sisters help in finding the boy and calling her sister will be her last resort. Kelly will have to get near Kol to rescue the boy because of where his father is. But at the moment Kol has problems of his own, the Guardian council is threatening him about his portal and he is fighting them on it. His attraction may be his downfall with protecting her and his portal maybe he will not be able to do both he may have to choose.
Again Lori Devoti astounds us with a great work of fiction, she brings us the second in what hopes to be a long series of books with Kara and Kelly our twin witches. Lori is an amazing author that will never cease to amaze us with the way she can make the characters jump out of the book and bring the story into the room with you. I will definitely add this one to my collection and keep reading more of her books. 

Book Blurb for Guardians Keep

Kol Hildr had spent the last century battling hellhounds and warlocks who sought to usurp his portal's magic. A mighty shape-shifter with the ability to change into wolf form, Kol made accessing the powerful gateway nearly impossible--unless you were a witch of Kelly Shane's talents. She had a score to settle and would do anything to close the portal that led to her unearthly prison. Though an alliance with her compromised Kol's very purpose, something about the little witch overwhelmed his fierce, battle-worn soul. But when he learned that Kelly's life might be in jeopardy, could Kol put aside the one thing he thought he valued most--the portal--to journey to the other side and save her?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00