Fortune's Kiss

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Fortune's Kiss

Sir Graham Foster is an adventurer that excavates treasures and gives them to museums for historical study. While he is on one of his excavations his assistant brings him news that he has inherited a fortune and a title from his second cousin a few times removed that has passed away. Graham is not pleased with this news because it will slow his plans with this excavation. The cousin that passed away left a wife and stepdaughter but they were not heirs in his will, but were provided barely for.

Although the daughter Moira Hughes was told by her Stepfather on his deathbed that his family would be well provided for, thereby letting her know that there must have been a codicil to the will. But after the reading of the will they were forced to move out of Monteith hall and into a small cottage that was provided for by the parish. When she went to the solicitor of her stepfathers will to check about the codicil the assistant to Mr. Smythe didn't want to let her see him and when she did get in to see him Mr. Smythe told her there was not a codicil. When she goes to leave she notices a gentleman in the outer office and then realizes as he starts talking to Mr. Smythe and asking questions about her that he is Graham Foster the new Baron Monteith. They both meet up later at a ball but he does not know that it is he; she purposely meets him to feel him out on what kind of person he is. He however falls for her with her charms and sweet disposition and her mystery. She would not remove her mask to let him see her face and find out who she really was, she also did not tell him her real name but told him she was Mary Houser. To make things worse she went to her friend that was the Head Housekeeper for Monteith Hall, and bade her to hire her as one of the maids so that she could find the codicil.

Ms. Higgensworth was not happy with the idea at first but once Moira begged her she gave in. The rouse kept up for a few days but she was caught searching the study by Graham's sister Letty. When Graham recognizes who she is he comes between his sister and having her Moira sent to jail. He sends his sister and everyone else to jail so that he can have a talk with Moira to find out why she is posing as a maid in his home when she should be a guest instead. She explained to him about the codicil and what Everett Foster had said to her on his deathbed. He told her that she no longer needed to be a maid for him she was now a guest in his home and he would help her to figure this all out. His sister however seems to still have a problem with her and starts locking certain things up around the home. Graham has a real problem with this and gets very angry and tells his sister that if she can't get along with having Moira in the home then she can just go somewhere else and he also makes a comment about the debts that she and his mother amassed when they moved in before he got there and this strikes a sore spot with her.

Graham and Moira investigate everything surrounding the codicil and what could possibly have happened with it when they go to speak with Mr. Smythe again they find him murdered. Things don't look very good to be able to find out what is going on with the codicil. Graham promises to do everything in his power to take care of her and find out what and where that codicil is and what is going on with it.

Lisa Manuel is very talented author and she grabs a hold of your attention and doesn't let it go till she finishes the story. The characters are full of depth and vitality and you feel like you are with them every step of the way. FORTUNE'S KISS is definitely one for the keeper shelves.

Book Blurb for Fortune's Kiss

Practical, country-bred Moira Hughes must fight for the family fortune she believes her stepfather's heir has unlawfully withheld from her. Graham Foster, treasure hunter and Egyptian antiquities expert, returns to London to claim his barony only to find himself accused of foul play by Moira and her family. Finally coming to a wary truce, Graham agrees to help Moira find her lost fortune, and together they follow a trail of fraud, deceit, and murder that leads them through the streets of London-and into each other's arms.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00