Beyond Fearless

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Beyond Fearless

Anna is a psychic of sorts and she can read peoples pasts from objects that they have had for a while. Zachary Robinson is a treasure hunter/diver and sometimes takes people on private dives for treasure as well. Zach and Anna are soul mates they just don't know it yet. They feel drawn to each other in all ways. They find each other while she is working in the Sugar Cane Club on the Isle of Grand Fernandino East of Jamaica. He came in to have a drink after problems with his last dive. As he stood outside looking at poster announcing the show of Magic Anna, he was drawn into a vision of her being drawn to him and them kissing each other, but they were not alone they were being watched by someone else not exactly close but at a distance. At the same time Anna in her dressing room getting ready for the show starts having a vision of just the same thing and feels the same thing of the other man watching but she feels that the other man is very upset that they are kissing and she shakes the vision free. As she does so outside a man is trying to get Zach's attention to get him to come inside and watch Anna. He decides yeah he would watch her and went inside. At the same time a man in another place on the island named Raoul San Donato is doing a ceremony to a goddess named Ibena, asking her to bring his wife to him but when he stepped into the alternate reality it was not as he had pictured it she was in another mans arms.

Anna's psi ability is to pick up a persons keys, scarf or anything that is a personal effect and tell them a small part of their past without being told who or what the effect belongs to or whence the part of the past it came from. Zach did not participate in the show but did try to speak with her that evening after the show. When he was told that he was not to talk to her he transmitted his name to her mentally and where he was staying and she seemed to have received it.

The next day as she was taking her walk she seemed to have been drawn to the docks and noticed a boat coming in. When it docked she noticed it was Zach. He asked her to come aboard just to talk and as they did they realized that both their imaginary friends were named after each other but they lost each other after Zach was sick once. They kept talking and realized that they were attracted completely to each other. They figured out while they were talking that as long as they were touching they could telepathically talk. If they weren't he could talk to her but she couldn't answer him back. She can also feel when things are going to be a bad situation before it happens. This happens while they are lying in bed talking; they hurriedly get up and straighten up the bed. As they finish men come through the door and handcuff them separately which keeps Anna from responding to Zach when he talks to her. He assures her that things will be ok; these men take them both to the airport and put them on a plane while on the plane Anna realizes they are going to push both of them out of the door to kill them and she knows she must relay this to Zach. She puts her self into a trancelike state and tries a couple of times and then realizes that she has reached him when he talks back to her mentally. Then together they get the men to let them go.

When the plane starts to decline and go down, they feel another presence of the plane being pulled up someone helping them this time a couple. They don't know who it is but they also feel that other man again as well. When the plane crashes the people who kidnapped them have left the plane and left them to drown. But Zach is a diver and he shows Anna how to get out of the plane and to keep her breath going easily and they swim in the opposite direction of the kidnappers and the plane. Being shot at the whole time and swimming through sharks which Zach assures her they will be ok and will not be bitten.

The other couple are people like them who have been searching for people like them for a long time now and

Book Blurb for Beyond Fearless

Anna Ridgeway's mind-reading nightclub act takes her to the Caribbean island of Grand Fernandino. She knows she's being stalked by sinister forces. But she doesn't realize that her destiny hangs in the balance when she meets diver Zachary Robinson. Zach and Anna are inexplicably and powerfully drawn to each other--sexually and psychically. As the physical intimacy between them deepens, so do their psi talents. But island shaman, Raoul San Donato, has plans of his own for Anna. Already a powerful force on Grand Fernandino, he plans to kill Zach and bind Anna to him in a shocking ceremony that will make her his consort and consolidate his hold over the island.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00