Six Naughty Nights

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Six Naughty Nights

Love in Reverse

They never thought they’d see each other again, but when they finally did… the ground moved and they were shaken in more ways than one.

Toby and Esther have a very short-lived, but hot history together. Each had gone into their summer holiday romance without expectation, but still came away heartbroken when it ended. Since then they’ve both moved on, but while Toby always wondered why Esther never responded to his attempts at reconnecting, she was too busy raising their son. When the truth is revealed, feelings are hurt, but it doesn’t quell the attraction and desire they both feel in wanting something they never thought they’d have. But after everything that’s happened is it too much to overcome? Or is forgiveness the key to their second chance?

The emotional gamut is run from the beginning of this sexy story. Everything from desire and anger to frustration and happiness is felt and sometimes all at once. Each scene displays varying emotions that wonderfully display the characters and the circumstances represented. The differing POV’s also offer plenty of insider information on what makes Toby and Esther tick. Both characters are equally likable as they have faults and feelings that are believable. Toby is overwhelmed by his insta-fatherhood status and Esther is overwhelmed by the insta-family. The adorableness that is Charlie doesn’t stop and his playful 2 and half year old self brings a very comedic and heart-warming dynamic to the story.

The relationships are formed without too much hesitation, but the emotional attachments are done so with the deserved wariness I expected. The resulting physical attraction between Toby and Esther was off the charts hot as they entered into an agreement to play the Naughty Nights game. Toby was dominatingly insatiable and Esther was secretly thrilled at wanting to be insatiably dominated. This all lead to some very emotionally charged and heated sex scenes that were anything but vanilla. I will warn that some readers may find Toby to be a little too forceful in the bedroom while Esther tried to deny his advances. However, there really weren’t any BDSM elements added outside of scarves used in one scene and the inappropriate use of an electric toothbrush, which were amazingly well written.

This second installment to the Love in Reverse series is a great addition as it delivers on both the meaningful emotion and lusty intimacy that I've come to enjoy and expect by this first-class writer. You don't have to read the first to enjoy the second in the series, but do yourself a favor and check them both out – they're well worth the read.

Book Blurb for Six Naughty Nights

Six nights to remember, six days to forgive…

Esther is grateful for the strong arms that saved her and her young son from an earthquake. But she wishes their rescuer was someone else. Anyone other than the man who left her pregnant after a holiday fling.

Toby’s carpentry skills take him wherever there’s work, and right now that work is definitely cut out for him. He has to get over the shock that the little boy in his arms is his own son—and convince Esther that he’s always regretted walking away from her.

Esther can’t bring herself to deny Toby his right to get to know Charlie. Besides, with her own home flattened, she has nowhere to go but with him to his apartment…where she discovers a sexy role-playing card game tucked in his suitcase.

When Toby invites her to accompany him to the Northland to attend his best friend’s wedding, the opportunity to explore their still-simmering attraction is too tempting to resist. As the steamy scenarios heat up, they start to realize this is more than a game. But Esther’s hiding a secret that could cause as much devastation as the earthquake...

Warning: Contains role-playing fun including Roman slave and master, sexy schoolgirl spanking, and interrogation of a spy. Silk scarves included.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00