Succubus in the City

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Succubus in the City

Lily is a succubus who works for the Devil who in this case, really does wear Prada. She has fabulous clothes, a great job, caring friends but feels lonely because men only want to sleep with her and not get to know her.

Until she meets Nathan Coleman, a laid-back, gorgeous P.I who seems to like her. Nathan is looking for a missing man who had Lily's contact information and he wants to know if there's any connection between her and the guy. What he doesn't know is that Lily is a succubus and she specializes in sending guys to hell. Lily doesn't know the missing man at all but she suspects that he has to do with the creepy group of man who want Lily and her friends dead - for real.

From the beginning I had problems with this book. I couldn't click with the main character, Lily, at all. I thought she was a whiny little snot who didn't bother to notice just how good her life was and always focused on the bad. The plot was all over the place and there was more about Lily whining and talking about her accessories than actually any plot at all. Nathan was the only decent character. He was smart and funny and honestly, I think at the end, he made the best decision for himself. I didn't like this book at all and I'm rather disappointed considering the blurb looked good.

Book Blurb for Succubus in the City


Working for Satan is a hot gig. The Devil really does wear Prada, and Lily can sport all the dazzling fashion she desires, eat all the fabulous food she craves, and hang for all eternity with her three demon girlfriends. But serving up bad boys to the fiery pits of Hell is just getting . . . lonely.

Lily gives the jerks, the creeps, and the liars the best (and last) night of their lives, but she's tired of waking up to a pile of ashes. She wants a guy who will stick around.


Nathan Coleman is a devilishly handsome, laid-back P.I. who wants to ask Lily a few questions about a missing man. But someone-or something-wants Lily and her friends dead, and Nathan seems to know more than he'll admit to. Can a sweet-talking mortal and a girl from Hell find true love?

About the Author

A third-generation Manhattanite, Nina Harper grew up in a family that had been in the fashion business for fifteen generations. She did not leave the city until, at sixteen, she went to study in France, where she learned shopping in the finest boutiques, and in Rome, where she discovered the joys of Italian clothes and shoes. Today Harper lives a short subway ride from Barney's, Kate Spade, and Versace. Since a girl can't shop and sip cocktails all the time, she teaches at a local university.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 2.50