Abandon the Night

The Heroes of New Vegas, #3

Quentin wants one thing: Revenge. Specifically revenge against the men whose evil greed cost the world to end. Fifty years ago, he went into a cave with his friends and somehow when they come out, it had been decades in the future and civilization was dead. Now, along with others, they fight the Strangers, a group of immortal men who are suspected of causing the catastrophes that killed millions of people and devastated entire cities. But his mission to find these men and destroy them is personal because the one suspected to have orchestrated everything is his own father. However, he's not the only one wanting revenge, Zoe Kapoor is set on finding the monsters who butchered her family and will stop at nothing. Both Quent and Zoe set out on what could be their most dangerous mission yet but soon enough, they find out that their growing attraction might just end up being more dangerous than facing the Strangers.
One of my favorite things about this series is the post-apocalyptic setting, it's just amazing how well Ware can convey how empty and dangerous this world she's created is. The survivors have tried to make the best of what's left and while it's certainly not perfect, it shows how in the most hopeless of situation, men can triumph. Quent and Zoe have really good chemistry together and they're both very individual characters. Zoe's a very unique heroine, she's self-reliant and doesn't turn into a puddle of mush just because she's got the hots for a guy and I really liked that. Quentin's an alpha male but not too alpha that I felt the urge for his face to meet the wall, he's not overwhelming and I like how both of them balanced each other. 
Abandon the Night is the third book in Ware's Awakening Heroes series and a very gritty, action-packed story. Several of the characters from the previous books are, of course back and that only enhances the plot. As I said before, the setting is what makes this series so good for me, there's something about a post-apocalyptic world that really draws my attention and I really enjoyed reading Abandon the Night.

Book Blurb for Abandon the Night

Everything they knew is gone...

Five men emerge from the remnants of destruction with extraordinary new powers.

They are humankind's last hope, but they cannot survive this devastated world alone.

Quent Fielding had it all: money, power, women, good looks...until he and his friends were frozen in time for fifty years.

Now he finds himself lost and alone in a new world of overgrown urban jungles.

Aside from the zombies, wild animals, and survival skills, his biggest challenge is taming the sexy, elusive, sharp-tongued zombie hunter, Zoe Kapoor.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.00