Son of the Enemy

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Son of the Enemy

Gripping! ‘Son of the Enemy’ is Ana Barrons second book. Hannah at six years old was the sole witness to the brutal murder of her mother. She had a hard life growing up and tries very hard not to fall for the writer that is doing an article about the school she runs. John Daly is looking into the case that sent his father to prison for life. What John finds is case where the real killer is unknown and his father is innocent, now all he has to prove it.

John Daly is an FBI agent. He comes across as a smart and sexy guy. He has a set of values and lives by them. He really cares about the people around him.

Hannah is one tough person. She is a true survivor. She survived a lot, the seeing the death of her mother, and her father who did not want her. She has a hard time trusting and when she does, she trusts with her whole heart. At times, she comes across as very naïve.

This book kept you on your toes the whole way through. The only thing that I did not truly care for is that it is easy to figure out who is the villain. The author did not really try to hide it well.

The chemistry between John and Hannah is off the charts. Their relationship is very realistic in its portrayal. I loved how slowly the relationship built and how each of them was unsure of the other. While the sex was hot and steamy, it was not the main focus of the book.

Overall, this was a fantastic book. The mystery was interesting and all of the secondary characters helped to draw you into the story. I will defiantly be reading more by Ms. Ana Barrons.

Book Blurb for Son of the Enemy

The truth is buried in her memories. Unearthing it could kill them both.

FBI Agent John Daly has spent twenty-three years studying psychology, trying to understand how his father wound up in prison, convicted of a brutal murder.

And then he gets the letter. Telling him of evidence tampering. Telling of the sole witness, a six-year-old girl who’s now a twenty-nine-year-old school director. Somewhere, buried in her memories, is the identity of the real killer.

John knows he has no business going undercover to get close to Hannah Duncan, but blood is thicker than the ink on his paycheck.

Hannah is trying hard not to fall for the writer researching an article about her school, but John is breaking down every defense she’s built since her mother’s murder and her father’s rejection. Igniting a flame that burns brighter and hotter than any she’s felt before.

Someone is watching, leaving her roses and cryptic notes. And as the similarities between Hannah’s stalker and her mother’s killer become increasingly alarming, John must decide which means more to him: his father’s freedom…or Hannah’s love.

Warning: Contains a deeply wounded hero and heroine who, together, are greater than the sum of their scars. Breath-stealing emotions and heart-pounding suspense could cause an attack of whitened knuckles. Best read under the covers with a flashlight.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50