She's All In

Club 3 Book 1

She’s All In is the first book in the Club 3 series by Cathryn Cade. Daisy joins a fitness club not just to get fit but to be more comfortable in her own skin. Dack is really what gets her all hot and bothered. Dack wants a sub not a vanilla relationship no matter how hot she is. But when he over hears something his opinions begin to change so he begins to show her the Dom/sub world. That is until they hit an emotional barrier of Daisy’s.

Daisy is a complex woman. She is strong and independent when she needs too as well as a submissive. While she has body issues that she should have talked over first with Dack it’s understandable that she didn’t. It’s enjoyable to see Daisy grow from the beginning of the book to the end.

Dack is a smart man who seems to have a good eye for business. He is part owner of a fitness club, BDSM club, and owns a constructions business. Dack is confident in what he wants and does not want regardless of a women’s looks. He isn’t looking for a vanilla relationship. The only issue is getting to know Daisy and figuring out if they are meant to be.

The chemistry between Daisy and Dack is blistering hot. The sex scenes were sizzling hot. These two are great together in bed and out of it. I enjoyed seeing Daisy gain the confidence that she lacked in the beginning of the book. Overall, this was a wonderful read. This book seemed to stress communication and it’s a great message that we all need to remember.

Book Blurb for She's All In

Can she find real freedom under her sexy Dom's command?

Daisy joins Big Iron Fitness to get fit and comfortable in her skin after reconstructive breast surgery. But one look at gym owner Dack, and he's the one making her sweat. When he pumps iron, she imagines him doing a lot more--with her.

Dack Humboldt isn't looking for romance. But when a bombshell blonde walks into his gym, and starts asking questions about his other, private club, he's intrigued.

Daisy asks Dack for a date, and gets an offer that blows her mind--the chance to explore her most private fantasies, and move beyond her fears about her body.

As Dack leads Daisy into the world of D/s, she throws off her inhibitions for him. Until the night he gives a command she just can't follow… and she runs. How far will he go to bring her back? And will she find the courage to go all in, for him?

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Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00