The Golden Harp

An adult fairy tale twist on Jack and the Beanstalk. Wonderfully funny and wickedly naughty, it’s an all around enjoyable read. Instead of the golden harp being an actual harp, it’s Callie, a beautiful siren, who sings at the command of her master, Alfred. Alfred frees Callie for a brief time, to try and find Trixie, the golden egg maker, whom he believes ran away with Jack Spriggins. Callie is unused to the freedom, and quickly finds herself falling for Jack. She doesn’t want to love him, because she believes him to be a man just like her father, one that would rather make money the easy way, rather than work for it. It’s a fairy tale though, so all ends well… for almost everyone.

Book Blurb for The Golden Harp

Fee fi fo fum!

Here's a story rewritten in fun

Where the hen runs away

The harp is content to stay

Tisn't just ogres Jack will slay

Callie Harper chafes under the rule of the ogre, Alfred. Her shot at freedom? Retrieving the runaway hen from the clutches of Jack Spriggins, the arrogant upstart looking to undermine Alfred's rule of the criminal world. Her way to her own happily ever after is complicated by the feelings she has for Jack. Will she choose her freedom or her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.50