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Stormwalker Series, #2

“Firewalker” book 2 of the Stormwalker series by Allyson James is an outstandingly exciting sequel to the series namesake book 1 “Stormwalker”. It delivers thrills and some chills that will mesmerize the reader with its page turning magical paranormal confrontations.

The novel picks up after Janet, Mick, Coyote and Nash have successfully thwarted Janet’s mother’s devious plans in “Stormwalker”. Janet, Magellan’s resident Stormwalker/Hotelier has settled into a comfortable routine with her motley crew; Mick, her dragon protector/mate, the comical magic mirror and Cassandra Magellan's resident witch turned hotel manager. Mick’s penchant for disappearing has sometimes been a source to pique Janet's ire in the past; that is until an unlikely visit turns Janet’s world upside down again.

I really appreciate how “Firewalker” starts off with a bang and really just keep raising the bar with its level of complexity. Ms. James really puts a substantial amount of time and effort into her depiction of Janet and Nash’s little road trip, various characters internal struggles to cope with life and the impending ordeal of Mick’s dragon trial.

As the novel delves deeper into the impending trial the reader is given an in-depth view into the flaws, fears, concerns and motivations of each of the novels characters; each new nuance breathes added depth and credibility to the Magellan universe as a whole.

I must say that I now have a new respect for Nash Jones, a quizzical interest in Cassandra, a mystified awe and acceptance of Coyote and the Koshare, a fondness for Colby, respect and admiration for Maya and Naomi, but yet still a bit of distain for some of the dragons.

At its core “Firewalker”, stands out as a novel of friendship, trust and self-realization. The tone, writing and pace of “Firewalker” is extremely smooth and steady, with each scene flowing evenly into the next in a manner that allows a reader to savior the novel as is progress to its conclusion. There is an added bonus toward the end of the book that adds an exciting twist that I just can’t wait to experience.

“Firewalker” Book 2 really set the bar high in the “Stormwalker” series and I highly recommend it.

Book Blurb for Firewalker

Janet Begay's Crossroads Hotel has attracted the supernatural ever since it opened. But a new, dark power is rising, this time inside Janet herself. Her boyfriend Mick, a sexy dragon shapeshifter the Navajo call a Firewalker, know what terrifying magic is threatening to overwhelm Janet and her Stormwalker powers. He watches over her, ready to fight for her, to do anything to keep her safe.

But then a mysterious corpse is found near the Crossroads Hotel-and Janet becomes the main suspect. Now Janet and Mick must uncover what really happened, and their investigation leads to the most perilous decision of their lives...

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00