Savage Betrayal

When Fighting Wolf, an Ahousat warrior, asks for Sarita’s hand in marriage, her father, a Hesquiat Chief, hoping to forge an alliance that will put an end to their tribal feuding, agrees. Sarita doesn’t want to marry her enemy and is miserable.

Little does she know, Fighting Wolf has no intention of wedding her. Instead, he plans to avenge his father’s death. Before the ceremony, he and his warriors attack the Hesquiats and kidnap Sarita.

Living in the Ahousat tribe as a slave, Sarita learns there are multiple sides to Fighting Wolf. Keeping her for himself, she's safe from other men. They begin a sexual relationship fraught by their class differences.

When Sarita learns she’s pregnant and that Fighting Wolf never intends to free her or her children, she escapes.

Meanwhile, her brother, who’d survived the Ahousat onslaught, is plotting revenge. Is it a cycle the gentler sex can break or are the two tribes destined to war forever? Will Sarita ever be able to live with her beloved in anything other than a master / slave relationship?

Savage Betrayal tells the story of two feuding Native American tribes. Ms. Scott deftly pulls us into a world rarely visited by writers: Native American tribes before they were decimated by wars and disease.

She shows us their nomadic existence and living off the land, their world of potlatches, and ceremonies. She creates true-to-life, multi-dimensional characters who demonstrate greed, generosity, love and hate.

This super-novel felt well-researched and held my interest throughout. My only reservation was how aggressive Fighting Wolf was sexually. Sarita didn't always have a choice in the matter. Though I suspect the attitude was true to the times, certain areas were uncomfortable for my tastes.

Overall, well written and engaging, I recommend Savage Betrayal to anyone interested in native-American fiction or American-historical fiction.

Book Blurb for Savage Betrayal

On a collision course of desire…

Ferocious warrior, Fighting Wolf, will destroy anyone who challenges his right to possess the beautiful woman he’s captured.

Lovely Sarita will risk life and limb to free herself from slavery by the one man who has taken her captive, and now threatens to steal her heart.

Will Sarita chose Fighting Wolf and ecstasy in his arms or will she chose freedom and at what cost? 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.50