Lake Magic

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Lake Magic

Pair Jenny Beckinsdale, the flighty daughter of rich parents, and Jared Worth, a toughened fighter pilot who grew up in the foster care system and you’ve got plenty of conflict. Layer on the fact Jenny’s nursing a broken heart and that she owes Jared big money, but refuses to run to Mom and Dad, and you’ve got problems.

But how will Jenny repay him when the seaplane business she started with her now dead fiance is failing? That’s what Jared would like to know and why he decides to move in to make sure the obvious doesn’t happen. 

Sprinkle in intense attraction between the two of them and you’ve got Lake Magic.

It’s a magical story with it’s heart in the right place. The characters come to life and the story soars as Jared and Jenny sort through the mess that is there lives to find something more.

Can the lake really heal or is meeting that person who brings out the best in people the key to their newfound happiness. Perhaps it’s a little of both.

Well written, Lake Magic was a pleasure to read.

Book Blurb for Lake Magic

A captivating, heartwarming debut novel.

After the loss of her fiancé Steven, Jenny Beckinsdale has more than a broken heart to deal with-their fledgling seaplane service is going under. In debt to Steven's best friend and fellow Navy pilot, she plans to convince the sexy, cynical flyboy to help save the business...and in the process these two lost souls may find they're saving each other.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75