Wrangled and Tangled

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Wrangled and Tangled

A Blacktop Cowboys Novel, #3

Wrangled and Tangled is the third installment of Lorelei James's Blacktop Cowboys novels. This third installment is focused on two couples. Janie Fitzhugh and Abe Lawson who are divorced and living apart. Janie has returned to Muddy Gap to help start up the Split Rock Ranch and Resort. The resort is Renner Jackson's dream ranch and he's partnered with Tierney Pratt, who he believes to be a spoiled daddy's girl, to get the business up and running.

This book was a bit of surprise to me because I expected more of it to be focused on Janie and Abe's story, but Renner and Tierney had a lot more page time than Janie and Abe and that turns out to be a really good thing. Renner and Tierney have a lot going on under the book covers. Neither are really who the reader or each other expects them to be and both have some growing to do before they can get it together. Tierney is a very interesting character as she's not really who she seems to be, but she has such a tight lid on her inner thoughts and emotions, that at first it's hard to figure her out. Renner, is a little annoying at first and often he makes snap judgments that are completely wrong and make you want to smack him. Tierney is just the woman to take him down a peg.

Janie and Abe also have things to work out between them and though they've been apart several years Abe realizes they both made mistakes in the past and he still loves her and wants her back. Janie still has some work to do before she's ready, but she comes to realize that she has made mistakes too and she's not ready to let go of Abe forever.

Wrangled and Tangled is filled with wonderful dialogue, well-developed characters and steamy sex. Although, not all of the characters have the same language brand that Ms. James carries through in a lot of her books there are a few characters that do and this accent fits well for those particular characters. Though not always grammatically correct, the end result gives a more authentic view of the characters in the same way that using Gaelic accents in a Highland novel lends more credence to the story set in Scotland. For these character's this works to give us a more realistic Wild West character.

I enjoyed the book but often found myself wondering why Renner and Tierney hid their relationship for so long. I also felt that Janie and Abe's story was a bit short, and I would have liked to have seen more about them trying to work through their differences and find common ground. Definitely a good read, and each Blacktop Cowboy book is better than the last.

Book Blurb for Wrangled and Tangled

New in the Blacktop Cowboy series.

Janie Fitzhugh and Abe Lawson have long been divorced and living apart. Now she's back in town, a changed woman-making cattleman Abe want to wrangle an invitation to her bed...

To get his dream ranch, Renner Jackson has partnered with spoiled daddy's girl Tierney Pratt. She thinks she can handle this cowboy, but Renner won't make it easy. Little do they know they will be entangled in ways neither dreamed possible.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00