The Fortune

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The Fortune

The Malloy Family 9

Beth Williamson brings us the exciting prequel to the Malloy series with The Fortune. We go back a generation to John Malloy and Francesca (Frankie) Chastain, to where it all began for the Malloy family. It isn’t hard to tell where their offspring got their sense of adventure from as John and Frankie’s story unfolds it is clear these two have enough strength and fortitude to deal with just about anything that comes there way. Once again Williamson will thrill fans and new readers with her latest tale, which is well written, unique, filled with rich characters, and rife with her brand of humor. A fun, heart-warming read that leaves you longing for more installments from the Malloy family.

Frankie Chastain and her family are running from a dark past. Their only hope is to reach Oregon and start a new life. Little do they know that the man they are running from back in New York refuses to let Frankie go and has sent men after her. John Malloy has worked on the Oregon-bound wagon trains for three years while he saves up for his own ranch. Meeting Frankie puts everything he’s dreamed of at risk along with his own life. John also has a few things in his past that he is trying to out run. John finds himself intrigued with the fiery Frankie, when she disappears he knows he has to go after her and will risk anything to get her back in his arms where she belongs.

Book Blurb for The Fortune

Running from the past…and running out of time.

The Malloy Family, Book 9

French-born Francesca Chastain came to New York with her family to find a better life. Now she is fleeing a nightmare. Her past chases her from New York and she must run, and run hard.

Her journey to the land of milk and honey is interrupted by the accidental squeeze of a trigger. And the man on the other end of her blunder is a man like none other she’s ever met.

After three years working Oregon-bound wagon trains, John Malloy has almost saved enough money to start his own horse ranch. And almost met the end of his life at the hands of fiery, green-eyed Frankie, a confusing, frustrating woman who responds to his flirting—then disappears.

No one is more relieved than Frankie when John races to her rescue, but now they’re trapped in the wild. And the shadows of both their pasts are closing in…

Warning: Inside you’ll find sexy heat, danger, Old West violence, gun-toting bad guys and an emotional roller coaster. Prepare to fall in love with the Malloys all over again with witty, strong women, stubborn, heroic men and a love that launched a legacy.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.50