Return of the Viscount

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Return of the Viscount

Unti Callen

Cecilia Mallory is an uncommon woman in Middlesex, England 1842. She is a woman with a plan to take over her own destiny. Left at the hands of a bumbling guardian after the death of her father abroad, Cecilia realizes the only way to assure her future is to marry. However, she doesn't want to marry someone who is going to take control of her and her fortune. She also has a younger brother to look after. Having corresponded several times with her late father's friend Sergeant Blackthorne, a man she believes to be about the same age as her father, she strikes a bargain with him to marry her by proxy. This is where the fun starts.

Michael Blackthorne believes he is just doing a favor for his late mentor and friend. Some months later Michael is wounded and sent home to England to recover from the injuries. Feeling it is his duty at least to look in on his wife by proxy; Michael stops by her home and is taken by surprise at the beautiful young woman he has married. His timing could not have been better, because as it turns out someone is out to harm his wife and Cecilia will need all the help she can get to uncover the foe and put an end to the near fatal accidents.

Gayle Callen has delivered a stellar tale of romance and mystery that will keep readers guessing to the very end. Her characters are well developed and likable; the story was engaging and fresh.

Book Blurb for Return of the Viscount

The exciting first chapter in a new series from USA Today bestselling historical romance author Gayle Callen, about a soldier with a debt to pay and a lady on a quest to unravel her family's secrets.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00