Race Against Time

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Race Against Time

Sharon Sala brings her A game to her latest romantic suspense novel. Right from the start you know that she’s going to be taking you on a journey rife with betrayal, love, courage, and intrigue. The book starts out with Starla, a young girl how makes a bad boyfriend choice that leads her being abducted by a human-trafficking ring. This choice starts the readers on a journey of survival and discovery as we are introduced to the main hero and heroine Nick Saldana and Quinn O’Meara. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next from Ms. Sala.

The Story: Quinn O’Meara grew up in the foster system and has been alone most of her life. Quinn comes upon a fiery crash to find a toddler wandering dangerously near the scene, with little thought to her own safety she rescues the boy only to find that the fire is the least of her worries. She does the only thing she can think of at the time which is to wrap the toddler in her jacket and get to the nearest police station as fast as she can. As fate would have it, Nick Saldano, a boy she once knew and loved is working at that station and is about to cross paths with her once again. Having never forgotten about Quinn, Nick will do everything possible to keep her safe and keep her from walking out of his life again.

Book Blurb for Race Against Time

Sometimes fate brings you together…only to tear you apart 

Growing up in the foster system, Quinn O'Meara made a point of never getting involved. But when she discovers a crying baby amid a fiery crime scene, she knows she has no choice. Suddenly in way over her head, Quinn turns to the police, unintentionally positioning herself in the crosshairs of a deadly human-trafficking ring. 

The last time homicide detective Nick Saldano saw Quinn, she was still the young girl he'd shared a foster home with. The girl who'd loved and cared for him when no one else had. Now here she was, gorgeously all grown-up—and in terrible danger. 

Unwilling to lose her again, Nick insists on keeping Quinn close, especially when the bond they once shared heatedly slides into desire. Quinn finally has someone worth holding on to, but what kind of future can they have when she might not live to see tomorrow?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.00