Killing Casanova

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Killing Casanova

Killing Casanova is the debut novel of Traci McDonald. Ms. McDonald herself is what made this novel so memorable and enjoyable for me. One of the reasons I selected the book to review is because the main character is blind and she falls in love with a man who has gotten by on his looks and charm for many years. I was interested to see how those two characters would get along. But what I also enjoyed was a glimpse into Ms. McDonald’s own world as she herself lost her eyesight 17 years ago. I was very interested in how her own experiences with blindness changed how she interprets the world around her. Many things in this book were memorable and the story was very enjoyable.

Cassie Taylor isn’t like any woman Jake Caswell has ever met. Jake is an infamous womanizer known for his charm and Casanova tendencies. As Cassie and Jake struggle to find a way for the two of them to be together an enemy starts to play dirty pranks on both of them putting not only Jake but Cassie in danger as well. Jake is going to have to face the past and his own fears before he can offer Cassie everything she deserves.

Book Blurb for Killing Casanova

In the small ranch community of Lindley, Nevada, Jake Caswell has the reputation and skills of the infamous womanizer Casanova—that is, until he meets Cassie Taylor, a blind woman who is oblivious to his normally irresistible charms. As Jake attempts to add Cassie to his list of conquests, he unintentionally pulls her into a world of violence, tragic old wounds, and enemies out for revenge. Soon, Cassie fears the truth about Jake will leave her heart as the next victim of Casanova's flawed perceptions. Will Cassie be able to uncover the man behind the mask amidst the threat of peril? And is there truly hope for love in a tangled web of danger—and blind distrust?

Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00