Nobody's Lady

Lord Love a Lady Series Book 1

I Loved It!

He is completely filthy when they meet again. Can she trust him ever again and can he forgive her for not waiting? Dukes don’t need help, or do they?

Michael Redmond, the Duke of Cortland and Lilly Beauchamp are the main characters in "Nobody's Lady". I loved the way Annabelle Anders had these two meet again. It's not a simple pickup where things left off. The characters have to work for it and they both must understand why they did the things they did. So, do they take a chance or go their separate ways?

Don't miss out on this historical romance novel. It's truly lovely.

Book Blurb for Nobody's Lady

Dukes don’t need help, or do they?

Michael Redmond, the Duke of Cortland, needs to be in London—most expeditiously—but a band of highway robbers have thwarted his plans. Purse-pinched, coachless, and mired in mud, he stumbles on Lilly Beauchamp, the woman who betrayed him years ago.

Ladies can’t be heroes, or can they?

Michael was her first love, her first lover, but he abandoned her when she needed him most. She’d trusted him, and then he failed to meet with her father as promised. A widowed stepmother now, Lilly loves her country and will do her part for the Good of England—even if that means aiding this hobbled and pathetic duke.

They lost their chance at love, or did they?

A betrothal, a scandal, and a kidnapping stand between them now. Can honor emerge from the ashes of their love?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 4.50