In Bed with Her Boss

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In Bed with Her Boss

In Bed with Her Boss is the first book in the series The Lockharts; Three Weddings and a Reunion.

Opal Lockhart the second oldest of the Lockharts sisters works as an administrative assistant to D'Marcus Armstrong who owns Sports Unlimited locate in Detroit, MI. To Opal D'Marcus is a demanding and cranky boss. She looks past that and sees a handsome and successful man that she is attracted to. D'Marcus is the way he is because he is trying to keep to Opal at a distance because of his attraction to her.

But all of that chance when they went to San Francisco for business. Opal gets a complete makeover with the help of her sisters and cousins. Once D'Marcus saw her he knew that he couldn't keep his distance any long. All it took was one moonlight walk on the beach and they gave into temptation. But can D'Marcus let go of the past to be with Opal or he is going to it dictate his life.

Brenda Jackson did an excellent job of introducing the first to characters of the series. It was well written; Brenda showed us how the chemistry between Opal and D'Marcus started off a slow pace but as each page turn you see it starts to build up. Adding the secondary characters like her sisters, cousins and everyone else who is connected to the family was definitely a bonus because it gives a glimpse of her sisters' personality and to sees what's coming next.

Book Blurb for In Bed with Her Boss

D'marcus Armstrong was demanding, autocratic and cranky as a boss. But as the star of her feverish nighttime fantasies, the man was simply divine. Still, Opal Lockhart had no chance with Detroit's self-made millionaire. What would a high roller like him want with a buttoned-up, naive secretary like her? Enter the Lockhart sisters—for some attitude adjustment and a wardrobe makeover. With some décolletage and come-hither heels, they have the sex kitten in Opal downright purring. Now she's giving D'marcus notice—he'd better watch out!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 3.50