All Dressed in White

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All Dressed in White

The Brides of Belgravia, #2

As much as I love the author, Charis Michaels, I had a tough time in my reading of this book. The story itself felt a bit harsh, hardly romantic and not at all the historical romance style I am used to reading. To continue the book lacked romance, it lacked that rare charm that I so love about historical romance. I was disappointed. To be fully truthful, I felt a little robbed of those things that are quintessentially historical romance.

It is difficult for me to detail what I disliked the most about this story as I do not want to give away spoilers. I will say that the issues of the modern world are heavily reflected within this book. I go to books to escape these issues not to be drawn back into the dilemmas by a book. Having experienced some of this in reality I did not want to finish this story. I seriously considered never returning to it again, but I did. I’m not glad I did.

I was less than happy when I finished "All Dressed in White". I am not returning to re-read this book and I do not see myself reading anymore of this series. This book just felt wrong and I think the fault lays within the hero and his harsh reactions to circumstances. I do not want this in a romance novel. I want a fairytale not a contemporary novel tossed into a historical romance.

Book Blurb for All Dressed in White

Self-made shipping magnate Joseph Chance never planned on falling in love. He simply needed financing for a new business venture and a marriage of convenience provides it. Then he meets Tessa St. Croix, his future bride, and is instantly smitten. But when the angelic beauty reveals a life-changing secret on their wedding night, Joseph thinks maybe some dreams shouldn’t come true. He leaves England, reconciling himself to a detached, convenient marriage after all.

Eleven months later, Tessa Chance has built a new life for herself in the heart of London. She’s learned her new husband's business and is determined to support herself and her responsibilities. When Joseph returns to London unexpectedly, nothing is as he imagined. His estranged wife has become the one person who can help him secure his company’s future, and her allure can tempt him still. Determined and hopeful, Tessa jumps at the chance to prove herself and justify the secret that tore them apart.

Although bruised pride and broken hearts lie between them, Joseph and Tessa realize the love they once felt has never truly left. If they can learn to forgive each other, they’ll soon discover the truest love can heal all wounds.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2018 3.00