Primal Possession

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Primal Possession

A Moon Shifter Novel

Primal Possession had its moments. At times, I found myself truly enjoying the story. But overall, I was left disappointed, wanting more from the story, from the characters.

The thing that annoyed me the most in this book was how often one, or more, of the women were kidnapped. I think it happened 2, no 4 times? And there are at least that many other times that are mentioned that happened in the previous book! This not only annoyed me as I said, but left me a bit baffled—how, with all these alpha males around, can the APL manage to get these women that often? And why, knowing that they're in trouble, and have already been snatched (multiple times) before, do these women still decide to go off into a parking lot or date the random guy who walks into the store? I just didn't get any of that, and it lowered my opinion on many of the characters.

I liked Liam. He did at least make an effort to try and court December, rather than just throwing her over his shoulder and prowl back to his cave. True, he made more than his fair share of “what were you thinking?” decisions that didn't exactly have December jumping into his arms, but I was at least happy to see him try. My biggest disappointment in Liam though was his accent—or lack thereof. Originally from Scotland, it's been decades since he lived there, and therefore he has no real accent anymore. I wanted him to have a sexy brogue, sigh., I wasn't really thrilled by her character. I didn't hate her, but I didn't want to be her new BFF either. She was just...a bit flat, I guess. I didn't feel like I got much from her.

3.5 STARS! I really wish I could say I loved this book...but I'm more lukewarm with it. I finished it, and I liked it, but I wasn't blown away by it. There were just too many things that rubbed me wrong. Perhaps, being such a big fan of shifter novels, I'm a bit pickier about my shifter stories; it's hard to say for sure. Yet despite this, I think I'll come back and try Katie Reus' again. I don't regret reading this one, and I'm sure many readers will find Primal Possession to be a great read.

Book Blurb for Primal Possession

To protect her, he will unleash the beast within…

As his pack’s second-in-command, lupine shifter Liam Armstrong gives orders and takes what he wants—until he meets red-headed, blue-eyed December McIntyre. Liam knows the human beauty is his intended mate the moment he sees her, but December is far too strong-willed to accept his protection.

December, whose brother is the town sheriff, has every reason to mistrust shifters after one killed her youngest sibling. But the forceful and handsome Liam has gotten under her skin in a way she hadn’t thought possible, and the desire she feels for him is almost too much to bear.

When a radical hate group targets all humans known to sympathize with paranormal beings, December is attacked in her bookstore. Reluctantly, she turns to the only one who can help her: Liam. And he is going to take her to places within herself she never knew existed.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50